It has been a long time since I’ve been excited by a Publisher Weekend on Steam. However Devolver Digital is special as some incredible titles have been published by the company. Until Monday the 17 of August, a slew of games are going from 25 to 90% off, which means some serious value gaming for people on tight budgets. Below is a list of games that I have played as well as a few that I have found interesting but was waiting to go on sale before purchase:

1) Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

shadow warrior classic redux

Price: $1.49 (85% off)

Shadow Warrior is one of the classic 90s FPS. Though it is often outshone by Duke Nukem and DoomShadow Warrior is one of the greats as well. You play as Lo Wang (whom you no mess with), a bodyguard from Japa- look the story isn’t too important. The gameplay and humor is similar to games like Duke Nukem (which is also on sale for the same price) and each level is a labyrinth full of secrets to encourage exploration. The gunplay, like most 90s FPSs, is fast paced and twitchy without regenerating health. However the enemies here use mostly hit-scan weapons that the player can’t dodge, making it less mobile than games like Doom. Don’t take this game too seriously, because it walks a fine line between being funny and being racist.

Also on sale is the reboot, Shadow Warrior for $3.99 as well as a Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem 3d bundle for $2.24.

Final Verdict: Worth It.

2) Titan Souls

Titan Souls

Price: $7.49 (50% off)

Titan Souls is an 16bit isometric adventure game where you explore the ruins of a long-lost civilization. The review of the game from TechRaptor describes Titan Souls as “Polarizing,” and I wholeheartedly agree. The game is a Shadow of the Colossus style boss rush if it were developed by the makers of Hotline Miami—both the player and the boss die in one hit provided you hit the boss in the correct spot. The player gets a bow and arrow with a single shot that can be summoned back from where it lands and the boss has one spot where the player must hit to kill it.

The game actually does a great job of keeping the combat system fresh by making each boss completely different, forcing the player to relearn how to hit that one spot when it is exposed. Deaths are infuriating, however, because the player spawns at a Dark Souls-style bonfire and has to walk all the way back to the boss’ chamber to fight them again. Normally this isn’t a problem, but when you can die in less than 2 seconds, it can become a major drag. This is one of those “you’ll either love it or hate it” type of games.

Final Verdict: Kinda Worth It.

3) Ronin

Ronin Title Screen

Price: $7.79 (40% off)

I actually did a review of Ronin, which you can read here (I mean, if you want. I’m totally cool with it if you don’t). It is a 2d action platformer where you play an assassin who is out for revenge against the corporation that killed her father. What makes Ronin interesting is the combat system, which takes real-time combat and makes it turn based. The player moves first—choosing to jump, grapple, attack, etc—then the enemies all fire at once. The enemies mostly attack at a range, showing where they will fire with red lines while the player mostly fights using their sword and dies in one hit. As a result, the combat is mostly dodging bullets and trying to move into an opening where she can strike without being hit. The main problem with this game is its length, so I normally suggest getting it on sale.

Final Verdict: Kinda Worth It.

4) Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Hotline Miami Wrong Number

Price: $2.49 and $10.04 respectively (75% and 33%), or both for $11.99

What can I say about the Hotline Miami series:

  • It’s amazing.
  • You should own both of them.
  • If you don’t have them already, buy them now.
    • Just go, right now.

Both of these games take place in an alternate history where the Russians take over the United States, and you play as a crazy person—or people in the second one—in Miami who goes on shooting sprees after getting a call on their phone. Another top down shooter where both the player and the enemies die in one hit—except fat guys, who are overpowered—Hotline Miami is based around fast paced running and gunning.

Each level is the layout of a house full of Russians who wear white coats that the player must kill before advancing up to the next level. While the player is running and gunning, the level sways, bright colors flash around the outside, and one my favorite soundtracks of all time is playing.

While Hotline Miami isn’t really much of a story driven game, focusing more on the main character devolving into insanity and asking the player if they enjoy hurting people (I do), Hotline Miami 2 manages to craft a story that fits the world created in the first game. Hotline Miami 2 also diversifies its mechanics, adding masks that give the player a dodge roll, two guns that can be spread horizontally, or a second player that follows the first player and fires separately.

The games are gruesome and leave massive body counts, which is put on display at the end of the level. After the last bad guy is killed the loud music cuts, the colors go from warm to cold and the player walks back to their car, allowing them to look at their handiwork. Overall, I would say that Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 are the best deal in the entire sale.

Final Verdict: Totes Worth It.

Honorable Mentions:

These are games that I haven’t played but seem interesting.

  • The Talos Principle ($13.59, DLC for $11.24.) –First person puzzle game for the philosophical. (I bought this in the sale)
  • Broforce ($10.04) – 2d side scrolling shooter with all of the greatest action heroes of all time.
  • Olli Olli and Ollie Olli 2 ($3.24 and $11.24 respectively) – 2d skateboarding game for people with talent. (I bought Olli Olli in the sale)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend ($2.49) – Dating sim where all of the boys you date are pigeons … Next.
  • Luftrausers ($2.49) – 2d Dogfighting game where your guns are also your engines.
  • Gods Will Be Watching ($2.49) – Group management survival point and click where you have to hold out for rescue and make sure your group survives and is happy.
  • Foul Play ($2.24) – 2d Beat-em-up that is portrayed as a play. Beating up baddies, like a sir.
  • Serious Sam HD, Serious Sam 3 and Serious Sam: The Complete Pack ($3.99, $3.99 and $9.99 respectively) – Old school style FPS where you shoot aliens.

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