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Eidos-Montréal, the developer behind the upcoming cyberpunk stealth action game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, announced today that the game will be delayed until August 23rd of next year. Eidos-Montréal studio head David Anfossi had this to say in the press release from Square Enix:

We’re confident and proud of the game so far.  However, as we are now playing through the game in full we can see that it will require more time in post-production for tuning, iterations and refinement to meet our high standards. In order to achieve this we need to move the release of the game to August 23rd, 2016.

He goes on to say that they are sorry to disappoint the fans who have been waiting for the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which was originally supposed to see its retail debut on February 23rd of next year.

This is not the first snag in the tooth that the game has encountered. Previously, the game’s ‘Augment Your Pre-order’ program garnered quite a bit of public outcry which resulted in Square-Enix and Eidos cancelling the pre-order program. The game will now release with all the pre-order bonuses available to anyone buying the game, even if you’re buying the game on day one.

Quick Take

After the Augment Your Pre-Order debacle earlier this year, it’s great to see that Eidos is more than willing to delay the game to ensure it’s the best it can be when it launches. It’s, of course, a bit of a bummer that some of us (myself included) have to wait a few months longer to jump back into the wonderfully dystopian world of Deus Ex, but I’d rather wait a bit longer for a great experience than a bit shorter for a generic experience. I think in times like these it’s best to remember Shigeru Miyamoto’s words on this: “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.

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  • Kevin Maginnis

    This isn’t that surprising, seeing as how Human Revolution came out in August.

  • Zepherdog

    Does anyone have any expectations for this? I played the original DX way back and I still enjoy it now and then, but DR:HR fell way short of it in every aspect.

  • Scionyde

    To be fair, pretty much every game falls short of the original Deus Ex; it’s one of the best games ever made.

    Even still, Human Revolution as pretty well received, and it has a lot of fans. There’s a lot of people looking forward to it, myself included.

  • Zepherdog

    Well there’s a difference between falling short, and falling WAY short, specially if you claim you’re making a sequel to Deus Ex.

    Besides let’s be honest here, Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines was a far better Deus Ex game/sequel than Human Revolution (Or even Invisible War), and that came out in 2004. There’s really no excuse to make a game *at least* on the same scale as the original.

  • Mr Snow

    I really liked Human Revolution. The Director’s cut is an even better presentation.

    I mean, a lot of the acting was very stiff, and the graphics looked dated as soon as the game was released, but it was still a fun play, and I’m looking forward to them learning and moving forward with Deus Ex 2 Jensen Harder.

  • Zepherdog

    I really couldn’t care less about the acting and graphics, both I can overlook (Taking into account I still enjoy the first one, which came out in 1999; Even then in both regards were atrocious). What I didn’t like was that the game itself felt shallow and short (yes I did play the director’s cut) specially compared to the original; It felt like several steps back instead of forward.

    I hope DX:MD isn’t more of the same, but the focus seems to be more on graphics and the whole ‘mechanical apartheid’ plot feels empty and leaves a lot to be desired, so my expectations are near null.