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Activision Blizzard released its financial results for Q4 2016 yesterday and with them came the news that the planned sequel for their multiplayer shoot and loot game Destiny (tentatively titled Destiny 2) is coming in 2017. The full quote from the financial results ran like this,

Full Destiny sequel in 2017 to broaden the franchise’s global reach, which along with
follow-on content plans, sets the stage for growth.

According to a post on the NeoGAF forums, the publisher further narrowed down the release window and gave some insight into development in a conference call Q&A saying,

Development is going great and is indeed on track for this fall. Big reveal plan, we’re going to let the game do the talking. Our team and great partners at Bungie are doing a great job at two fronts

They also added that Destiny 2 would have a “Great cinematic story, great cast of [memorable] characters” and would be “More accessible to casual players, not removing stuff that core players like” and “Coming this fall.” It seems that the game will be a full sequel and will not carry over characters or progress from the original game.

A further report on Kotaku today suggests that developer Bungie may have more invested in getting Destiny 2 out this year than just professional pride. According to what the site calls ‘sources familiar with goings-on at Bungie,’ Activision stands to be awarded a hefty chunk of the studio’s stock should they fail to deliver the game in 2017. As we reported last year, it is currently rumored, though not officially announced, that Destiny 2 will be coming to PC as well as consoles and that up to three Activision studios are working with Bungie on the title. For those who may be a little skeptical that we’ve heard so little about the game to date, it’s worth noting that the original game was teased far in advance of its release and ended up generating the kind of hype that the final product couldn’t hope to live up to. The developer may be keen to avoid making the same mistake a second time around.

Are you excited for Destiny‘s sequel or are you keeping your expectations firmly in check this time around? Let us know down in the comments!

Dom O'Leary

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  • Hyrules

    Here’s hoping they learned their lesson and are going to have it available on PC. That was one of the things that crippled the game’s release as well. Especially given that PC gaming is a resurgent market and has been steadily growing for the last few years.

  • SevTheBear

    But but, them pirates takes all them money from them if it gets out on PC 😛

  • Legionarius

    They missed out on some sales but I don’t think it crippled the game, that’s pretty hyperbolic. Call of Duty games generally sell less on PC than on console, and that is an established series; I don’t imagine a new IP like Destiny would sell so many units on PC that it would cripple Bungie not to have it on there. Also there are thousands more games on PC than on the consoles, probably dozens of MMOs too, so that’s a lot more software for Destiny to compete against.

  • oldirtybaron

    It goes like this; PC ceiling for a AAA game is around 10 million, if we use GTA V* (a fucking juggernaut in sales) as a basis. It has, to date, sold 6.5 million copies on Steam.

    Console ceiling is 71-90 million potential players. I wanted to narrow it down to a precise number, but Microsoft hasn’t been eager to share Xbox One sales since April of last year. PS4 on the other hand has sold a little over 53 million units as of January 1st, 2017.

    With that in mind, GTA V across all console platforms sold 57.7 million units.

    I really wish PC players, lovely people that they are, would stop perpetuating this myth that the PC market is somehow bigger than the console market. Sure, more PCs have a copy of Steam (200+ million), but not nearly as many of them purchase games, much less purchase them at full price. If you look at SteamSpy you’ll see exactly why PC versions are late to launch or get put on hold indefinitely. The reality is that more gamers buy games on consoles. Whether that makes them dumb or sheep or whatever doesn’t matter. Businesses will go where the soil is most fertile.

    By all means, PC players should port beg all they like. Sometimes it even works. But I really wish they wouldn’t pretend like the PC market is somehow anything more than the little brother to consoles. Not nearly enough PC players purchase games and at full price to make it so.

    *I used GTA V as an example because it’s a game that has sold extraordinarily well on every platform it’s been released on. It also highlights the gulf of potential success between consoles and the Steam market. Other titles like the Witcher 3 sold 5.63 million copies on consoles, while selling 2.7 on PC. Going even farther, Fallout 4 has sold 11.9 million units on consoles, while only selling 4 million on PC. It’s the same no matter which AAA title you look at.

    And another note: the console sales figures include physical copies only. PC figures are digital. I know it’s not ideal, but neither Sony nor Microsoft release digital sales data unless it’s to drum up press.

  • Legionarius

    Well said and I completely agree.


    Oh goodie, another cinematic grindpiece rushed to market not because of publisher interference or lack of funds, but because Activision will fucking EAT the developer if they don’t bum rush it out the door half baked, and barely working by Financial EOY 2017. Joy. Bungie should have stuck around to making Halo games for MS. I don’t know what’s worse, being owned by Microsoft or Activision. Both are pretty terrible companies. Its like, ‘do you want this metal pipe shoved down your throat or up your butt?’ and the third option is…release a game like now, as in before Oct 2017. The code base and net code had better be finalized by this point or they’re hosed.

  • BurntToShreds

    Impressive analysis.

  • BurntToShreds

    I get much more enjoyment out of a few matches of Overwatch or Halo 5 than I do plugging away at a raid in Destiny where the core mechanic seems to be “Solve this obtuse puzzle or your whole team gets killed instantly. Oh, and the you have to deal with ridiculously bullet-spongy enemies while you’re doing that.”

  • Scruffy, the Janitor

    “10 years of content” Welp, its been, what? Four years?

  • Evan Pierce

    That comment was always about the Destiny *franchise* and IP, *not* the one game….

  • Scruffy, the Janitor

    I don’t believe this. The way they tried to keep current with constant DLC seems to argue otherwise. This looks like another cash grab in the same vain, only this time, they have it shipping for the PC. This smells like they change plans after a deviation from desired results.