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As a person of the internet I know what it’s like to receive online harassment. While I have hundreds, and possibly even thousands of lovely online supporters, who send me life affirming wonderful tweets, comments, emails and messages every day.

And then there is this person:

harassing tweets

I would like to point out that people like this are few and far between and usually when I do get people telling me to go kill myself, once I tell them politely to stop, they usually do. This was the first person who openly mocked me for my attempt at civility.

Sadly, I am not good at the internet, and so couldn’t find out the identity behind my Twitter annoyer, but one woman did. Australian game reviewer, Alanah Pearce, as an Internet personality, I’m sure is no stranger to unwanted messages. However, when one commenter wrote “I’ll rape you if I ever see you c**t”. Alanah decided to take matters into her own hands and find out who was behind such a horrible message, and the results were pretty much as you’d expect.

alanah pearce

Pearce claims that the rape threats came not from an adult but from a young boy, and so she did what any concerned member of the public would do; she told their mums on them. While this situation is obviously serious, the parent’s reaction is so classic motherly that it’s hard not to laugh. Congratulations to Alanah for at least making sure that one boy gets a grounding.

ap message 1alanah pearce message

TechRaptor would also like to point out that while some publications such as Jezebel have linked the young boy to the GamerGate movement, Alanah claims there is no evidence for this and is unhappy with the allusion. As with so much internet drama, it can only be boiled down to the actions of children.

This is not the first time that internet harassment has been brought to justice through the swift hand of mum. Earlier this year @TheAwesomeMan was threatened and doxxed through Twitter.  Luckily, using a little bit of internet research he found the doxxer to be a 16 year old girl. He immediately informed her mum and the girl had a 2 week ban from the internet.

Here’s something we can all support. Praise be to mums everywhere.

Georgina Young


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