Kitfox games, developers of titles like Moon Hunters and The Shrouded Isle, have announced their latest title Boyfriend Dungeon. In this title not only are you able to work your way through a variety of procedural dungeons taking on enemies and collecting loot you’re able to spend that loot dating your weapons.

Clearing the different sections of the “Dunj” you will be able to free captured weapons and use their power to progress further into the dungeons. In the trailer, we see the use of a Talwar, Dagger, and Epee as well as hints of many other weapons to come. Each weapon included in Boyfriend Dungeon has its own non-weapon form where it could be a handsome man, pretty woman, or even a cat can be seen in the silhouettes. Exploring the dungeon you’ll also earn money that you can use to power up your weapons by taking them on dates and interacting with them in positive ways.

During the trailer, we also see the isometric hack and slash gameplay of the mall dungeon, the freeing of AJ the Talwar, and a brief dating scene with Valeria the dagger. For those who are looking forward to the combat aspects of the title each of the weapons that you acquire are completely unique and have their own playstyle. Just as each weapon is unique to fight with they’ll also be unique to date, Kitfox Games has also stated that they’re implementing an “Inclusive, tasteful approach to gender and sexuality.”

At this point in time, there is no known release date for Boyfriend Dungeon but their official website is now also live. What information we do know about the game is that at this point in time it’s going to be released for PC.

What do you think of a game combining Dating Simulators and Hack and Slash Dungeon Crawling? Is this just strange enough that you’re going to give it a try? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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