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Darkest Dungeon is coming along in terms of content, as they recently released the Those From Below update, which added a whole new dungeon to the game as well as new enemies to deal with, and some more mechanics for the players to have to play through. This update happened on September 28th, but it’s a nice incentive for players who have been waiting for more content to pick up the game. And luckily, the game has been discounted 40% off until October 12th.

Darkest Dungeon Those From Below

This update introduced The Cove, which features monsters who are a bit faster then normal, and can deal out bleed-inducing attacks. But not only that, the monsters also have a couple of new key mechanics previously unused, such as healing and guarding. Monsters can inflict buffs on other members of the party to up their damage and protection. These mechanics will go to other dungeons as well, but it was first seen in this update.

There’s a full list of some of the updates that happened in the Those From Below update that you can find here, but some of the highlights include:

  • Content has been streamlined in terms of combat. Flow has been improved to keep the pace of dungeons brisk, as well as reducing the small waits that happen between events.
  • Trinkets have been overhauled. The goal of the balancing was to make rarer trinkets much more valuable then those less rare ones, and to make trinkets that weren’t interesting or good to use interesting again. They’ve nerfed a couple, but in particular they’ve focused on improving the weak ones more then anything else. Drops have been more constrained as rarer drops won’t be seen a lot in the lower level dungeons.
  • Unused dungeon supplies now sell back at the end of runs for a small percentage of their original value
  • Retreating from combat now adds stress to the party, due to the idea that they couldn’t deal with the monsters in question.
  • Smaller mobs don’t leave corpses (dogs, spiders, gargoyles).
  • Surprised monsters don’t lose a turn of actions, instead they just go last.

Quick Take

Just tried it out myself, and after losing two guys and dealing with the new mechanics, I’m a fan. Of course, I love this game since it’s release, but I feel there’s even more reason to take a look at this point, and I do like the addition of monster healers to give precidence to getting rid of certain monsters even more. Now if I just had more time to play.

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  • Trigger

    Since when was this game “released”? I just checked — it’s still in Early Access.

    Call me when there’s a discount on the game after it’s actually complete. I love me some roguelite, but I’m not about to jump onto yet another beta train. We should really all know better than to care about Early Access at this point, unless we happen to be invested in testing the game and ensuring it comes out well.

  • Jorick

    I’m inclined to agree.

    The concept and mechanics of Darkest Dungeon interested me since I saw a brief gameplay video of it. However, I’ve already been burned by Early Access before (just once) and I’m not going to sink 12 bucks for it.

    When it’s finally done, I’ll judge the end product and decide whether to buy it or not. But surely as hell not while it’s under active development.

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    Still Early Access. Still not touching it.

  • Justin Moore

    For an Early Access game I can say I haven’t heard a single bad thing about this game which is astonishing. Looking forward to picking this up.

  • Serathis

    Murlocs keep getting worse.