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FromSoftware is gearing up for the release of Dark Souls III, the fifth game in their controller snapping SoulsBorne series. And with the release of a big game comes a myriad of pre-order opportunities. We’re here to give you details, so you can decide who to give your money to when Dark Souls III drops on April 11th.

  • Steam: Preordering on Steam gives you the official Dark Souls III soundtrack and a discount if you own a previous Dark Souls title. The discount is 8% off for the regular edition and 6% off the Deluxe edition that includes the Season Pass.
  • Playstation Network: If you pick up Dark Souls III on the Playstation Store you get the official soundtrack as well as a dynamic theme for your PS4 dashboard.
  • GameStop, Amazon BestBuyAll these outlets are offering the Dark Souls III Day One edition for pre-order. The Day One edition comes with the Prima Starter Guide, the official soundtrack and a special sleeve packaging for the game. However, GameStop also offers a keychain with their pre-order package.
  • Xbox: Xbox’s preorder breaks from the mould, ordering a digital copy of Dark Souls III gets you a free copy of the original Dark Souls playable on Xbox One.

This is largely what you’d expect from pre-order packages. The biggest news here is undoubtably a backwards compatible Dark Souls for the Xbox One. Xbox has been touting their backwards compatibility feature heavily but has rolled it out somewhat slowly with a trickle of titles rather than the entire library. Dark Souls was a very popular title that still has people pulling out their old consoles so having this title backwards compatible is a huge boon for Xbox

Also revealed was the ever-present Season Pass, for Dark Souls III the only information available is that there will be two DLC packs. FromSoftware has historically released very robust story DLCs with very little filler; Dark Souls had one excellent DLC, Dark Souls II brought three and Bloodborne’s recent Old Hunters was another in the same vein.

So there are your pre-order options; suffice it to say you can pick your poison, choosing between discounts, soundtracks and free copy of the original. We’ll be there on April 11th to cover the release of FromSoftware’s next masochistic entry.

Quick Take

I love the SoulsBorne series so I’m definitely going to pick up the title regardless, but outside of the Steam and Xbox options I don’t feel the hype for these pre-order bonuses. It’s understandable though, pre-order bonuses are something that are more or less expected these days and FromSoftware has always been a relatively Spartan developer. I’d likely be more concerned if they started shipping Artorias toys with each pre-order.

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  • Borous

    8 and 6% off is the most laughable “discount” I’ve ever heard of.
    Also at this point I’m a little tired of the souls style games personally.
    I’d like it if FROM took a break after this to make something different and let them cultivate some new ideas.
    That said I do hope this is a lot better than DS2 was and to it’s credit it looks that way.

  • that whopping 8% discount sure makes me feel like a valued customer and definitely not like an ass who wasted my money on your other games, thanks FROM! loving that really deluxe “deluxe edition” that doesn’t get you anything other than the season pass, too. you have to preorder to actually get anything that typically comes with these ‘deluxe’ editions and its just a soundtrack, no artbook or videos or anything

  • Serathis

    60€ for the base game. No thanks.

  • I mean, and this might just be crazy talk, but in what universe has buying previous games from a developer usually merited you a discount on their future games?

    I’d say offering ANY discount ain’t bad given that we’re not entitled to a goddamn thing other than the game we’re actually paying for, so I’m not entirely sure just what the complaint is beyond ‘I want to pay less money because I liked your other games’, which is basically just a tantrum at this point. What other developer/publisher offers discounts on their new games – not DLC or add-ons, but a fully realized, newly developed game from an incredibly popular series – solely for having purchased previous iterations of those games?

    Starting to understand why more and more studios are getting into the habit of ignoring their customer basis when this mentality is starting to become acceptable. I’m somehow willing to bet that if they’d offered *no* discount at all, nobody would be thinking twice about such a standard, blase pre-order package with which there isn’t much to complain in comparison to every other studio on the market.

    Damned if they do, damned if they don’t… except they’d probably have less entitled foolishness to deal with if they just hadn’t bothered at all.

  • Serathis

    Ignoring costumers? From Software has been spitting on the face of the PC playerbase with each and every single one of their games. 60€ + season pass?

  • Zepherdog

    It cost me close to $450.00 MXN on steam; that’s like 22€.

  • Serathis

    Tell me your secrets!

  • Timothy Riggs ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    I loved Dark Souls, pumped hours and hours into it. I liked DSII well enough. Loved Bloodborne. Philosophically opposed to preordering in general, sorry From.

  • Granny

    Just gonna wait for the inevitable complete, Death of the Year edition 🙂

  • Jared

    Hmmm, what universe do you live in where that isn’t the normal price for a PC game? Also, do you not know about the 3rd party Steam key resellers that will get you a legit copy of the game for significantly less than usual, often $40-$50 instead of $60?

  • Zepherdog

    I live in Mexico. I also have the other two games so I got the ‘discount’.

  • Serathis

    Best I have seen it was 38$ on CD Key stores.

  • Serathis

    I thought 60$ was normal for consoles and 40$ for PC. Also there is this thing with $=€ that I hate.

  • Zepherdog

    I guess I’m lucky. For the record most games over here are overpriced tripe, like 100€ for the latest CAAWADOODY and such. Steam has some weird pricing policies here though.

  • Serathis

    Steam pricing policy is horrendous, anyone in Oceania can tell. Or I guess Mexico.