The Red Strings Cluban upcoming cyberpunk adventure game by Gods Will Be Watching developer Deconstructeam, will be available on Steam on January 22, 2018, according to a news post on the game’s Steam Community page.

Billed as “A Cyberpunk Narrative ExperienceThe Red Strings Club sees you taking on the role of a bartender by night, hacker by even later at night. Tend to the needs of your patrons by serving them the cocktails of their choice, and if you play your cards right you might just pick up the occasional useful tidbit of information. You can then take what you’ve learned to create implants to influence the big bad evil corporation that’s brainwashing-but-not-quite-brainwashing the masses. (After all, it wouldn’t be much of a cyberpunk story without a morally questionable megacorporation!) Players can socially engineer their way to victory whether they’re doing it with wine racks or server racks. Check out the game’s reveal trailer to get a feel for its vibe:

Gamers who pre-purchase the game will net a free giftable copy of Gods Will Be Watching, the previous title by Deconstructream featuring a team of soldiers that must face a mountain of moral quandaries. This won’t quite work like some other pre-order bonus games; if you already happen to own Gods Will Be Watching, you’ll be able to hand your freebie off to a friend!

The Red Strings Club is currently available for pre-order on Steam for $11.99 or your regional equivalent, a 20% discount of its retail price of $14.99.

Quick Take

Gotta say The Red Strings Club looks pretty cool. I like its approach to the social engineering aspect of hacking; too many games will rely solely on puzzles or minigames to represent breaking into a computer system. That’s cool on its own, but any security professional will tell you that the biggest weakness of a system is the people that run it. It’ll be cool to see a game that lets you explore this particular avenue of hacking.

What do you think of The Red Strings Club? What’s your favorite cyberpunk adventure game? Let us know in the comments below!

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