If you’ve been aware of the latest trend of mixing the cutthroat Hunger Games with video games, you’re probably aware of The Culling. This game is currently in Early Access on Steam and is the latest Battle Royale style game that pits 16 players against each other as they desperately try to survive on an island as part of a futuristic TV show.

Developer Xaviant has now released the first big content update since the game went into Early Access, adding a ton of customization options, features, and optimization to the game. 

First off are private lobbies. It’s now possible to create and join private lobbies for just you and your friends so you can finally determine which of you is the most dangerous in a digital environment during a free-for-all. You will now be able to do this as a female player character as well, with quite a few customization options. All characters now also have additional customization options that take the form of shirt designs made by Filthy Casual and Design by Humans. Hats are also included. 

The gameplay itself also has a few new options as well. During the week, winning games net you Trial Tokens which you can use to qualify for free-for-all matches against other winners over the weekend for exclusive loot not obtainable by playing normal matches. You will also be able to creatively end your enemies with 2 new weapons: the Crafted Cudgel and the Trident. You will also have access to the Dig Deep and Angry Octopus perks.

The game is now also compatible with Valve’s SteamOS and the game’s lighting has been given a bit of an update in addition to new engine optimization and gameplay balance and stability updates. 

To celebrate the release of the first big content update you will be able to purchase The Culling for 10% off on Steam from April 27 to May 2. This update is out now.

Chris Anderson

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