The recently announced for localization horror adventure game Corpse Party will not be censored across any of it’s upcoming 3DS and PC versions according to a developers blogpost. For many gamers this will be a sigh of relief to punctuate a series of recent instances of censorship during the Japanese localization process. The developers ran through some FAQ’s in their post and had this to say regarding censorship: 

“Worry the Second: The 3DS version has to be censored, right?

Nope! All versions of Corpse Party released by XSEED Games are presented to you with no content removed or altered whatsoever (save for the small handful of sniggly things we had to change for legal reasons, like a Nokia ringtone). The ESRB M rating exists for a reason, after all, and our M rating for Corpse Party 3DS has already been secured.” and “You needn’t worry about things being removed or altered on our end: everything present in the final Japanese PC release of the game will be present in our PC release as well, just as everything present in the Japanese 3DS game will be present in our 3DS release. We will be making absolutely no content changes on either front.”

corpse party 2

The devs also disperse other commonly espoused fears including voice acting and a physical release on the 3DS, both of which will be included. The PC version of the Corpse Party will also feature a different Japanese voice track to the original and standard Steam features such as trading cards and achievements. The 3DS version will feature higher resolution art and some different soundtrack mixes. 

corpse party 1

The post says that the 3DS version of Corpse Party will contain four chapters more than the PSP version of the game with all of the extra chapters being exclusive to that platform. The PC version is also set to contain 4 extra chapters, with one of them being exclusive to the platform. 

What are your thoughts on Corpse Party‘s localization? Will you be picking it up? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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