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Disclosure: There was a recent controversy concerning an article I wrote about the blocklist. I made 2 errors in the piece which have since been corrected. You can read about the edits here. I have still never spoken to Randi Harper personally. She has never attacked me or TechRaptor, her followers  however did. Please take note that while I try to keep all information factual, I am only human, and some small errors may be present.

In my last article concerning Randi Harper’s GamerGate twitter blocklist, I incorrectly claimed that Harper had released the name and email address of someone who had appealed to be put on the whitelist. While the doxxing seems genuine, she did not receive the person’s information through the appeals process, but I will talk about the alleged doxxing in a moment. Firstly, I wanted to address something which Harper explained to TechRaptor.

In order to appeal to be whitelisted you can place your information into a google group, created for appeals. Someone from the blocklist’s team will then look through your tweets and decide whether to place you on the whitelist or not. This is at the teams discretion. It should be noted that this is not a list of harassment, but simply a list of pro-GamerGate accounts. You are not applicable for the whitelist, even if you have never harassed anyone.

reject ggblocker

By putting your information into the google group you are in effect making your personal information public. Anyone who looks at the list can then see any information you have put forward for appeal. The reason that this is particularly problematic is that Randi Harper, creator of the blocklist, as previously mentioned, has been accused of releasing personal information via Twitter just a few days ago. Randi deleted the information shortly afterwards and apologised for doing so in anger.

Luckily, the recipient of the “doxxing” “Jurgen Schreiber” used an alias and new email address when contacting her company to complain about her creating the blocklist and so reached out to me happy for this information to be repeated. It should be noted that if the tweets are indeed genuine, as many believe them to be, Randi could not have known of this false information.

“Jurgen” , as someone who has donated to the company in the past, claims that he emailed the company Randi works for; FreeBSD’s marketing department, to complain about their employee. Randi saw these emails, and the rest is on Twitter. I have reproduced the tweets below from an archive which “Jurgen” sent me. You can decide the validity for yourselves.

[Editorial note for clarification: We’re aware that FreeBSD is an opensource non profit organization and not a company, and doesn’t have much in formal employees. We’re just relaying the original interviewee’s statement.]

randi harper tweet

randi harper tweet

randi harper tweet

randi tweet

randi harper tweet

randi harper tweet

It should be noted that Harper has to this date not doxxed anyone who has appealed for the whitelist, but people’s concerns over privacy issues are not unfounded. The blocklist and the appeals process are still being refined.

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Update: (8:23 AM 11/26/2014) TechRaptor would like to let it’s writers know that we stand them, and this statement was made without our prompting. We edited out the word harassment, because we do not promote harassment or bullying for any reason.

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