Retro-inspired side-scrolling beat-’em-up Coffee Crisis will be released for PC on February 15th, developers Mega Cat Studios have confirmed.

Originally released as a Sega Genesis cartridgeCoffee Crisis will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases will follow sometime in the future.

The game was originally released in February 2017 for the Sega Genesis after a successful Kickstarter campaign. This release took the form of a physical Genesis cartridge, complete with box and instruction manual. Since the game was released, Mega Cat Studios have continually worked on new features and updates. Due to the game’s physical release format, these updates have taken the form of new catridges and PCBs (printed circuit boards for arcades) being sent out to backers in the summer of 2017. Some of the features added since release include new combos, newly redrawn art, and rebalanced hitboxes.

Coffee Crisis is a 2D side-scrolling action game inspired by classics of the genre such as Streets of RageGolden Axe, and Final Fight. Players take control of baristas Nick and Ashley, who must fight off an invasion of Pennsylvania by an evil alien race. Features include 10 stages, hand-drawn levels and sprites and 2-player local co-op. The music was made by local Pittsburgh metal band Greywalker, and touts 12 tracks. The developers of Coffee Crisis, Mega Cat Studios, describe themselves as “a small developer with a lot of heart” and describe their game as “a truly authentic retro beat-’em up-experience”.

Mega Cat Studios has already begun the Xbox certification process for Coffee Crisis, so an Xbox One release should be expected soon. Coffee Crisis will also be released for PlayStation 4, although a release date has not yet been set for Sony’s console. Coffee Crisis will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux on February 15th, with them saying that there will be PC exclusive features, although they have yet to be defined.

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