As you may recall, SNK Playmore has been moving its way back into gaming over the past two years and ditched the pachinko machine business. While the upcoming King of Fighters XIV has gotten all the headlines for its upcoming release as the resurrection of that venerated franchise, one thing we’ve been slowly seeing is the proliferation of old arcade games getting ported to different platforms. The Humble Neo Geo Bundle was effectively 25 SNK games set up by DotEmu to run most of them on browsers, while a handful like Metal Slug have made their way to Steam.

While some of the titles have had rocky emulation compared to other options, apparently the partnership is continuing to flourish as DotEmu is working again with SNK Playmore on a classic arcade title. This time, instead of one of their shooters or fighters, it is one of their sports games. Neo Turf Masters was a well done and highly enjoyed golf game on the Neo Geo that released in 1996 originally. While their fighting games like King of Fighters often relied on highly complex inputs and combos, SNK’s sports games often focused on elegant simple controls that could create a lot of complexity in minimal interaction.

In Neo Turf Masters you play as one of 6 golfers, who have different skills and nationalities and play through a variety of courses in a game where you pick your club, judge wind direction, and figure out how to approach each hole. 

Set to come out June 30th on Android and iOS, we have some good news on the business model for Neo Turf Masters. Despite an arcade title seeming like a natural fit for nickel and diming in microtransactions, there will be no in-app purchases or microtransactions with Neo Turf Masters. Instead, there will be a single premium price that has yet to be announced, but is unlikely to be too high and the game will let you buy it and be done with that. 

The game will also have different difficulties, which will award you so many coins for a portion of the game. These modes all will have leaderboards that you can post and brag about your scores on, while if you prefer just to practice, there will be an infinite mode with no coins—although no leaderboards either.

Are you interested in Neo Turf Masters? What price do you think is right for an older arcade game like this on mobile? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Don Parsons

News Editor

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