Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive revitalized the city-building genre with the release of Cities: Skylines back in 2015. Since then they’ve produced a plethora of DLC to alter your experience as the mayor of your own virtual world. Snowfall is the newest expansion coming to the console edition of the game. Xbox One and Windows 10 owners can expect to pick it up starting today, whereas PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait until November 21.

The expansion adds snow-based interactions to your city. While building roads and zoning districts, players now need to be cautious about keeping streets safe and homes warm. Snow plows are necessary to keep streets clear, and citywide heating systems can be implemented to help keep citizens warm with minimal demand for electricity. New public transportation options are also introduced. Snowfall can be purchased on its own for roughly $13, but it’s also part of the season pass, which runs for $40.


The season pass includes three expansions (Snowfall, Natural Disasters, and Mass Transit), all of which add major changes and additions to the management systems in the game. It also comes with two content creator packs (High Tech Buildings and Art Deco), which add extra buildings to the game courtesy of community modders. Finally, the season pass also adds two radio station packs to the game, changing the background music as you build your city. If purchased separately all of these items would cost $58 total.

The Steam version of Cities: Skylines does not have a season pass as of this writing, although all the pieces of DLC are already released on that platform. For example, Snowfall has been available since February 2016 on Steam. The After Dark expansion was included on the console and Windows 10 versions of the game, and the other content is set to roll out sometime after Snowfall.

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