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China is suspected of being responsible for the hacking of the data of millions of US government employees.  The United States Office of Personnel Management and the Department of the Interior were compromised by hackers this past December.  Data on millions of government employees were compromised by hackers who US officials are claiming were working for the Chinese State, making this the biggest US government hack to date, according to HackRead.  The hack was discovered this past April, while OPM employees were attempting to upgrade the agency’s cyber security with new tools.  According to the BBC the Chinese government has already responded to these claims by calling them ‘irresponsible’.  Despite this rebuttal, there seems to be some evidence that this might be the case.  Citing the private security firm iSight Partners, the Washington Post reports that the group behind this hack was the same as the one that hacked the health insurance company Anthem, which the FBI suspect was perpetrated by hackers working for the Chinese government.    It is suspected that every US agency could be affected by this hack

The exact motive of the hack is of yet unclear, though it it suspected that just as in the recent IRS hack, the data will ultimately be used for financial gain.  The hacked data consisted of a lot of sensitive information, such as employee social security information, job assignments, training information and performance ratings. This leaked data could be used in ‘spear-phishing’ emails; emails designed to use sensitive information to lull recipients into thinking the emails are legitimate before having them open malicious attachments.  In light of this, the affected employees will be offered 18 months of free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance.

Do you believe the Chinese are responsible for the hack?  And if this is the case, to what end?

Matthew Campanella

A firm believer that technology is making the world a better place who hopes to share the revelation with other. Professional tramp, amateur writer. Huge nerd, occasional gamer.

  • Dark Starr

    In a perfect world, They are hacking us to scare off SJW that may be trying to get their grubby fingers on Asia at a later date. …no? well, one can dream, can’t they?

  • Audie Bakerson

    “It is suspected that every US agency could be affected by this hack”

    So China has all the NSA surveillance data now. Wonderful.

  • Cred

    that’s a scary thought, thanks NSA and China

  • chloe

    Yao Ming’d….Now China knows what time I touch myself at night….hehe

  • Sergey McSanchez

    That’s not how it works.
    …Or so I’ve been told.

  • Typical

    That isn’t how it works. The secret data is not on an internet accessible network.

  • Typical

    To answer your questions at the end of the article, Yes the Chinese are responsible for the hack. They are very keen on getting as much info from the US as possible. I was constantly tracing IP addresses of spear phishing emails my sailors received to Chinese IPs. Additionally, Cyber Command is aware of hacking and many of the methods used. It’s a pretty sure bet that when you’re getting probed constantly and then the probes take days off on Chinese holidays, who it might be.

    As to the purpose of the hacks, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is the office that conducts and manages security clearance checks. So most likely they want info on people who are cleared to access secret information to turn them to espionage.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Ya I find that hard to believe.
    Just by looking at the size and amount of resources that place consumes.. The shear volume of information it steels. There ability to target and copy any server in the world regardless of weather it’s indexed or not…

  • Typical

    Ya, I have held a top secret clearance and worked at ft Meade for the CSS which is the military staffed side of the NSA. Believe what you want.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Seeing as the info we get from the NSA always turns out to be a bald face lie, i will do just that.

  • Typical

    Yes, way to totally blow my psy op I was conducting on a fucking video games site, there James Bond.

    Nothing related to an investigation would be on an unclass machine. Classified stuff is only accessible from insode the classified networks as they don’t touch the outside internet. I really don’t care if you believe me, but there’s no cause to be stupid about it. Now The IRS would be one I’d be worried about them getting as I’m not sure if they use a classified network, but then I’m more worried about the IRS themselves doing something to me than the Chinese. If you read my post above I lay out why they’d be interested in the unclassified data, they’d try to use something to turn a person with classified access and then have their way in to access it.

    But hey, keep playing Mr know it all cool guy on the internet, and not actually learn something when someone is explaining how the shit would work to try to garner upvotes from other retards, that seems more your speed.

    Edit: why am I even replying to you? Anyone reading your posts and seeing the abundance of wrong info and spelling errors would probably realize it’s best to dismiss you anyway.

  • Razedbywolvs

    James Bond… who’s claiming to be the expert with classified clearance?
    “why am I even replying to you?”
    I don’t know, you probably have a superiority complex. If you don’t value my opinion because my spelling sucks why the hell would you ask?