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6 best gaming presidents

The 6 Best Presidents in Gaming

June 17, 2018 by Ron Welch

The President of the United States of America. A position of power. A position of honor. The highest office of public service in the Union. The president highlights issues, sets…

6 famous e3 disasters

6 Famous E3 Disasters

June 10, 2018 by Connor Foss

It’s an understatement to say that E3 often has a few issues. Nobody can have a perfect conference. Thankfully, most of the time it’s a simple flub of words and…

E3 Preview Image Ubisoft

Predicting E3 2018: Ubisoft

June 7, 2018 by Matthew Arrojas

Ubisoft has already had a year worth celebrating. Yes, the launch of Far Cry 5 was a success, but more importantly to the company itself, it managed to successfully fend off…

battlefield v logo cover main art image

Battlefield V’s Hollywood Realism: Battlefield Versus Other “Realistic” Games

June 6, 2018 by Anson Chan

For the longest time, games with the Battlefield logo slapped on the box art were often considered to be the most realistic FPS multiplayer games that you could buy. While…

battlefield v combined arms screenshot squad building

Is Battlefield V’s Trailer Just a Bad Trailer? A Look at EA’s First Impression Foul-ups

May 29, 2018 by Anson Chan

As you no doubt may have heard by now, Battlefield 5’s debut trailer has stirred up quite an amount of reasonable and rational discussion. Or at least that would be…

best pokemon design gen 3

The Six Best Designed Pokemon of Generation 3

May 27, 2018 by Robert Grosso

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, in retrospect, was a weaker generation of the series. Fresh off the Game Boy Color and taking full advantage of the color palette of the Game…

raptor 6 kickstarter successes

6 Kickstarter Gaming Successes

May 20, 2018 by Richard Costa

In the games industry, success isn’t always easily measurable. The starting-point assumption is that the more sales, the more success, but there are several cases of games that sold millions…

dark narrative a seminary and a crypt featured image

Dark Narrative: A Seminary and a Crypt

May 18, 2018 by Trevor Whalen

Thief fans can puzzle over which of the original titles is better: Thief: The Dark Project or Thief II: The Metal Age. One quandary is each game’s atmosphere: TDP‘s got a darker, more surreal…


UK Politicians Say Fortnite Harms Children; Forget Role of Parents

May 5, 2018 by Anson Chan

The rise of video games in culture and society has inevitably meant that children would get their hands on them. In an unsurprising repeat of history, influential public figures have…


Is The Order: 1886 Worth Playing In 2018?

May 5, 2018 by Nick Maillet

I’ll just cut to the chase here, The Order: 1886 isn’t going to be your retroactive Game of the Year.  It’s not going to become this years cult hit either,…

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