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bonehoard lost city featured image b

Dark Narrative: Tomb Raidin’

April 16, 2018 by Trevor Whalen

Far from the comfy abodes of the wealthy and the familiar hum of civilization, haunted crypts and dead cities lie. Garrett ventures away from the confines of the City a…

worst pokemon design gen 2

The Six Worst Designed Pokemon of Generation 2

April 15, 2018 by Robert Grosso

I said in the last article that the Pokemon designs of Gen 2 are among the most solid of the entire series. A large number of the 100 plus added…

best pokemon design gen 2

The Six Best Designed Pokemon of Generation 2

April 8, 2018 by Robert Grosso

The second generation of Pokemon is often considered the pinnacle of the entire franchise. Two fully explorable regions, two new types in Steel and Dark, and plenty of new activities…

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Character Select: The Fate of Freedom – Joseph Seed

April 6, 2018 by Robert Grosso

There is a lot of chatter surrounding Far Cry 5 this week. The strong review scores have been followed by a smattering of critique over its flaws, criticisms of the…

far cry 5 intro

With Bad Writing, All Things Are Possible: Far Cry 5’s Many Narrative Sins

April 4, 2018 by Anson Chan

In the beginning, Ubisoft created Hope County, Montana. Then Ubisoft said “Let there be light, and let there be darkness” and Ubisoft called the light the Resistance and the darkness…

Generation III

The Year of Pokémon – Generation III

March 29, 2018 by Connor Foss

Three months in already? Man, how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that Pokémon was just starting up—Oh, crap, sorry. I was getting some serious nostalgia there for a…

sea of thieves

Expectations Vs. Reality: The Ultimate Failure of Sea of Thieves

March 27, 2018 by Anson Chan

In a vacuum, Sea of Thieves is an excellent game. It offers an experience unlike any other, giving people a chance to imagine themselves and their friends as pirates in…


Super Seducer – Swipe Left

March 24, 2018 by Nick Maillet

Pick up artists aren’t a new thing, and the idea of a shortcut to success scheme isn’t either.  Back in 2007 VH1 aired the popular yet controversial reality show The…

worst pokemon design gen 1

The Six Worst Designed Pokemon of Generation 1

March 18, 2018 by Robert Grosso

Well, whenever there is something good, there is always something bad to go with it, and the overall designs of Pokemon are no exception. The Generation 1 games are often…

dark narrative assassins featured image b

Dark Narrative: Assassins

March 15, 2018 by Trevor Whalen

I’ve always been curious to see how the rich and powerful really live, especially those whose riches and power are built off crime. I imagine their abodes are filled with…

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