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when the darkness comes header

SteamWatch – The Interesting Mind Behind When the Darkness Comes

April 3, 2019 by Mellow Online

It’s often nowadays that a game launches on Steam and garners a quick cult following nowadays. It has been seen before with titles such as Five Nights at Freddy’s and…

techraptor interview judy robinett

How Gaming Startups Can Gather Funding | An Interview With Judy Robinett

March 25, 2019 by Max Moeller

With the rise of Kickstarter and other avenues of funding, there have never been more ways to find funding for your project. That said, the introduction of the internet has…

cook serve delicious 2 header

Sam Speaks With David Galindo About Making Cook, Serve, Delicious! and What’s Next

March 22, 2019 by Samuel Guglielmo

I love all food. Even virtual food. Naturally, I was attracted to Cook, Serve, Delicious!, and I even took the chance to write about its fantastic sequel. However, I needed…

sean noonan interview 2 header

Sam Still Speaks to Sean Noonan About Working on a Solo Project, Ubisoft, Star Citizen, and Splash Damage

March 6, 2019 by Samuel Guglielmo

I kind of wondered how long it would be before Sam Speaks would catch me totally off guard. It turns out that answer was on January 16th, when I talked…

wheelman crackdown2 kinectstarwars header

Sam Speaks to Sean Noonan About Getting Into the Games Industry, Wheelman, Crackdown 2, and More

February 20, 2019 by Samuel Guglielmo

Update: To clear up any confusion, this is an unedited transcript of a conversation between me and Sean. I kind of wondered how long it would be before Sam Speaks…

creed rise to glory header

Sam Speaks to Survios About Creed, Making VR Games, and Running an Arcade

February 13, 2019 by Samuel Guglielmo

I am always super interested in VR development. I have a PlayStation VR that I love finding new and weird games for, and I totally admit that, had I the…

aftercharge logo header

Sam Speaks With Chainsawesome Games About Aftercharge and Robotic Balance

February 6, 2019 by Samuel Guglielmo

I have great respect for anyone who can manage to properly create a multiplayer game. It’s an insane amount of work, and one that seems to require a lot of…

assembly required header

Sam Speaks to MUTT Studios About Assembly Required’s Love of Meatballs and Misery

January 30, 2019 by Samuel Guglielmo

Recently I found myself having to build a modern four drawer dresser from Target. It turns out, when you move, you need places to put all the clothes you bring…

the 3rd annual bit awards carolina ravassa

A Chat with Carolina Ravassa on Sombra, Hispanglosaxons, and The 3rd Annual Bit Awards

January 28, 2019 by Robert N. Adams

Carolina Ravassa is a woman who is well-known to the gaming world as the voice of Sombra in Overwatch. Ms. Ravassa will be acting as the emcee for Playcrafting’s The 3rd…

Miasma Caves Art

Sam Speaks to Windy Games about Miasma Caves, Pacifism, Books, and More

January 23, 2019 by Samuel Guglielmo

Surprise! A new video game has come out today! Miasma Caves is a pacifist roguelike where you play as a dragon girl who goes spelunking for treasures. It also just…