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Inside GameJournoPros: An interview with William O’Neal

December 3, 2014 by Georgina Young

A little while ago a Twitter user reached out to me to introduce me to William O’Neal, former Editor in Chief at TechRadar and former member of the GameJournoPros list.…

InnerSpace PostCard

Polyknight Interview on InnerSpace

December 2, 2014 by Don Parsons

InnerSpace is one of the more interesting games currently on Kickstarter and was covered in our Kickstarter article last week. With only a few days left, I had the chance to talk…

seedscape 3

On the Origins of SeedScape: An Interview with Jennifer Dawe

November 29, 2014 by Georgina Young

This week I’ve been talking to game developer and animator Jennifer Dawe who is working with Lead Developer and Creator Jason Brown of Dapper Swine Studios to create SeedScape. Jennifer…

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Developers React to the IGDA Controversy

November 24, 2014 by Georgina Young

Disclaimer: Please note due to recent circumstances I should include that the people represented in this piece do not reflect the views of TechRaptor and are not endorsed by this…

palm kingdoms

Interview with Eugene Ivanov

November 9, 2014 by Don Parsons

This past week, after finding out about Indie GameDev Greenlight group on Facebook I decided to follow up on it to get more information on that and to discuss Greenlight…


An Interview With the Man Behind Yandere Sim

November 8, 2014 by Perry Ruhland

I see a lot of indie games every day, especially  when scowering through forum after forum. However, it’s rare that I see a game which has a concept interesting enough…

tropes vs women

How is Gaming Excluding Women? – An Interview with Liana K

November 7, 2014 by Georgina Young

I’m joined here today with Liana K, journalist for Metaleater, to discuss how she feels the gaming community is becoming exclusionary towards women. Full Disclosure: Liana had a lot to…


An interview with Ted Morris of Petroglyph

November 3, 2014 by Andrew Bennett

Techraptor recently spoke with Ted Morris, Executive Producer at Petroglyph, to talk about Petroglyph’s upcoming RTS game, Grey Goo! 

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Indie Dev Jennifer Dawe Talks GamerGate and Women in Gaming

October 2, 2014 by Ben Kuyt

Indie Dev Jennifer Dawe is a vocal person in regards to GamerGate. After hearing her speak during an open debate, I wanted to get her opinion of the story and…


Crowned Daemon Studios Interview on Freak

September 29, 2014 by Josh Hatchett

In the last couple of years, the gaming community has welcomed indie developers to make a name for themselves the gaming industry, none more so than PC Gamers. We are…