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Video Game Grunts, Groans, and Screams – J. B. Blanc Sheds Light on Voice Acting

July 27, 2017 by Matthew Arrojas

Uggh, argh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Chances are you’ve probably heard these expressions in video games thousands of times. Every time you’ve punched, kicked, shoved, cut, or shot another character in a video game, it’s…

DMCAs, Death Threats, and Legal Battles: The Saga of Alex Mauer

July 18, 2017 by Shaun Joy

To say that the world surrounding YouTube and indie gaming is a murky swamp may be the understatement of the year right now. YouTubers have had to deal with the…

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Pathfinder: Kingmaker

July 5, 2017 by Robert N. Adams

Dungeons & Dragons has had its fair share of video game adaptations – Icewind Dale, Baldur’s Gate, and Temples of Elemental Evil are all great CRPGS based on the pencil & paper RPG that has…

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics’ Legacy 20 Years Later

June 20, 2017 by Courtney Ehrenhofler

1997 was a good year for Final Fantasy. It was the tenth anniversary of the release of the first game in the series in Japan, and it also saw the…


Failed Mascots – Blinx The Time Sweeper

June 10, 2017 by Jason English

Whether it’s for cereal boxes, television shows, football teams, or major companies, mascots play a role in almost any business. In the video game world, it’s no exception either. For…

E3 Preview Image Bingo

E3 2017 Bingo Cards

June 9, 2017 by Andrew Stretch

E3 is just around the corner and what could be more fun that getting a bunch of friends together to watch the conferences starting tomorrow and get excited for the next…

What is The Elder Scrolls: Legends? A Look at Bethesda’s E3 Oddity

June 6, 2017 by Anson Chan

When someone mentions The Elder Scrolls series, what do you think of? Most people would probably say that it’s an open world high fantasy RPG where you can wander around ye…

E3 2017 Viewers Guide

TechRaptor’s Viewer’s Guide To Watching E3 2017 From Home

June 6, 2017 by Andrew Stretch

E3 is just around the corner and as always before the big floor opens where developers can show off their games to press, and for the first time the general…

Be Quiet No More: Missing Games and the Possibility of an E3 2017 Reappearance

June 5, 2017 by Samuel Guglielmo

Every year at E3 the biggest publishers have press conferences where they show off the various games they’re working on. Most of the time we’ll have those games in our…

E3 2017 Coverage Hub

June 5, 2017 by Andrew Stretch

E3 2017 is almost about to begin, and with it we will learn all kinds of news about the latest upcoming titles, be surprised that games we love are getting…

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