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Gray Dawn Review – Fall From Grace

August 4, 2018 by Richard Costa

It’s refreshing when developers try something new, whether a theme or a mechanic. In a medium where the return on investment often depends on tried-and-true formulas, it takes courage to…

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Octopath Traveler Review – The Road Less Traveled

August 3, 2018 by Robert Grosso

The world of video games thrives on its ‘epic nature.’ You have ‘epic narratives’ and ‘epic moments’ wrapped in ‘epic presentations,’ with all the flashiness that befits a Twitch generation. In…

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The Walker Review – Stalled

August 2, 2018 by Samuel Guglielmo

Wave shooters are a dime a dozen on VR platforms. They really need to do something unique to stand out from the crowd. The Walker is a Chinese developed game…

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The Council Episode 3 Review – Twin Troubles

August 1, 2018 by Samuel Guglielmo

The first episode of The Council surprised me when it came out. While it had some issues, the blending of RPG-styled stats into a classic Adventure game made for a winning…

chasm review header

Chasm Review – Not That Deep

July 31, 2018 by Marcus Hansson

With all the meshing of genres that goes on today, it can be refreshing to play a game unapologetically dedicated to a single kind of experience. In this case, Metroidvania…

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Mothergunship Review – Fire and Forget

July 30, 2018 by Alex Santa Maria

Every memorable first-person shooter has a memorable arsenal to match. From DOOM‘s BFG to Halo‘s Needler to Turok‘s Cerebral Bore, these are tools of the trade with a defined purpose and lethal efficiency. More…

captain toad treasure tracker review header

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review – O Captain! My Captain!

July 28, 2018 by Samuel Guglielmo

In 2013 we got Super Mario 3D World, one of the more notable Wii U games. This game contains a cutesy minigame which, in the following year, spun off into…

pool panic review header

Pool Panic Review – Look, But Don’t Touch

July 27, 2018 by Ron Welch

It’s hard to recover from a bad first impression. That’s the story of Pool Panic, the newest title from Rekim and Adult Swim Games. From the announcement trailer, you might…

far cry 5 lost on mars review header

Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars Review – Kill Hurk

July 26, 2018 by Samuel Guglielmo

If you’ve played any recent games in the Far Cry franchise, you may be aware of Hurk. You probably also hate Hurk. The character feels like he’s supposed to be…

banner saga 3 review

The Banner Saga 3 Review – The Journey Mattered

July 26, 2018 by Andrew Otton

There’s often a “point of no return” moment in some games that suggest you should save your game. That what follows is a game-changing moment and you won’t be going…