ShockRods Closed Beta Giveaway – 2,000 Keys

April 24, 2019 by Rutledge Daugette

We’re back with a new giveaway, and have tons of keys for ShockRods’ Closed Beta, thanks to our Partners at Green Man Gaming! You can claim a key RIGHT NOW…

village attacks 1

Village Attacks Giveaway

January 17, 2019 by Adam Potts

Following on from our Village Attacks On The Tabletop article, Asmodee UK have very kindly gave us another copy to give away to our readers. Village Attacks is a cooperative…

tokyo highway 1

Tokyo Highway Giveaway

January 15, 2019 by Adam Potts

Following on from our Tokyo Highway review, Asmodee UK have very kindly gave us another copy to give away to our readers. Tokyo Highway is a fun, family dexterity-based game,…

2018 techraptor awards best nominees

2018 TechRaptor Awards – Nominees and Readers’ Choice Vote

December 24, 2018 by Andrew Otton

The awards season for video games is upon us, and now it’s our turn to let you know what we think about 2018 in gaming. Much has been said and…

gift guide

TechRaptor Holiday Gift Guide

December 15, 2018 by Don Parsons

For the first time, we’ve sat down here at TechRaptor and made an official gift guide. Put together by Robert N. Adams, this gift guide features a variety of technology,…

month of coverage club header

Introducing A Month of Coverage Club

November 1, 2018 by Alex Santa Maria

As the Reviews Editor of TechRaptor, I know more than anyone just how many games are released.  Along with my team, we do our best to cover everything that you…

TechRaptor Featured 1

From The Founder – Fixing Membership And Fulfilling Promises

September 12, 2018 by Rutledge Daugette

When I started TechRaptor in 2013, I wanted to create a website that was fair, balanced, and, above all, true to its readers. We focus on quality content, and unlike…

techraptor 5 years

5 Years Of TechRaptor – A Retrospective From The Founder

March 19, 2018 by Rutledge Daugette

I started TechRaptor in 2013 with the goal of providing a place for people to come for quality content, free from any extra nonsense or some of the ethical violations…

hunt showdown giveaway header

Join the Hunt: Showdown in our Closed Alpha Giveaway (50 Codes)

February 9, 2018 by Alex Santa Maria

Happy Friday! After an extended holiday break, TechRaptor’s weekly giveaways are back, and we start off 2018 with a real treat! Hunt Showdown impressed us at E3, so much so that…

Next Up Hero Gameplay

Live, Die, and Live Again With Our Next Up Hero Beta Giveaway

January 5, 2018 by Alex Santa Maria

Digital Continue debuted as a studio in May of 2017 by bringing Lock’s Quest off of the Nintendo DS and onto modern consoles. Originally developed by 5th Cell, the Scribblenauts studio where most…

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