In addition to normal, in-person events, online tournaments are held as regional events for the Capcom Pro Tour. This is a great way to allow for people who can’t travel often to participate and have a chance at earning CPT points. This past weekend, the third Asian online event of the year was held, and with a modest 54 entrants, both top players and skilled unknowns tried to take the big win.

Due to being a one-game event, the tournament took place over the course of a single day, and streaming was handled by the official CapcomFighters channel on Twitch. As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name] [[characters used]]” format.

Street Fighter V

  • 1. Razer | Xian [Ibuki]
  • 2. Brandon [Akuma]
  • 3. MindRPG [M. Bison]
  • 4. Dixon [Vega]
  • 5. AronManurung [Nash]
  • 5. Leslie [M. Bison]
  • 7. Komphat [Ken]
  • 7. Hismit [Urien]
  • 9. Happymanth [Urien]
  • 9. VS | Chuan [Guile]
  • 9. Burung [Birdie]
  • 9. UDG | Book [Ken]
  • 13. Metsurambo [Ken]
  • 13. BK9999 [Balrog]
  • 13. Susubabi [Akuma]
  • 13. VS | NekoXX [Cammy]

View the full brackets here. (54 total entrants)

Surprising no one, Razer’s own Singaporean warrior, Xian, took the top spot with expected mastery of his chosen character, Ibuki. With this win, he gains 160 Capcom Pro Tour points, bringing his total to a high and very secure 1250. He now sits at fifth place on the CPT leaderboards, and it’s more or less impossible for him to not qualify for Capcom Cup at this point. Unfortunately for the rest of the top 8, none of them are anywhere near qualification range; not even MindRPG, one of Asia’s most notable M. Bison players. However, with multiple Asian events coming up, including one more online tournament, they’ll still have opportunities to slide in at the last moment.

The fourth and final Asia online event will take place on September 2, and many big names have already registered, including Daigo Umehara, Dogura, GO1, Yukadon, Verloren, Poongko, NL, and Oil King.

Matthew Fetrow

I've been playing video games since 4 years of age, and finally began to deeply invest myself into the world of fighting games in 2015 after many off-and-on encounters with games inside the genre. I have a preference for 3D fighters, but also enjoy Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and some airdashers. I'm also a big fan of RPGs and shmups.