Bungie has had a lot of backlash since the release of Destiny 2 DLC Curse of Osiris expansion that came early December. Curse of Osiris brought with it a new planet to explore, story missions covering the mysterious disgraced Guardian Osiris, PvP maps, and end game content. What gathered a lot of negative press was the changes made to activities already included in the game, specifically the weekly nightfall event and the prestige mode of the raid which were scaled up to the new power level. This rise in the power level allowed the raid to continue being relevant but unfortunately locked out the activity to any player who had not purchased the DLC.

Because of this backlash, Bungie announced in their blog post that they were revising the way that the Destiny 2 endgame would work. Before going into changed they again explained their reasoning behind moving endgame activities with the released expansions. This was so that instead of only having one relevant raid accessible to players at a time this would mean that as you progressed you wouldn’t just be playing the next raid but would have access to all raids and all end game activities at a level that keeps them relevant. In terms of PvP content, the Trials of The Nine and Iron Banner are meant to be seasonal, adding new maps as they become available. For this reason, you would need to have the DLC to play on those DLC maps.

Now that Bungie has heard the fans outcry they’re changing the system so that the Prestige Leviathan Raid will return to Power 300 allowing players to attain “The Prestige” achievement/trophy, and will allow players to finish the Legend of Acrius quest line. Trials of The Nine will be available to everyone as long as it is on a map that was available in the base game, if the map is from Curse of Osiris (or any future DLC) then only players will access will be able to play it. There will be no change to the setup of the Prestige Nightfall but Bungie is looking into adding a third difficulty for Nightfall so that there is a base version, a prestige mode available to all players, and a prestige mode that will scale with the current power level. For regular nightfall, you will only need the DLC when it has a DLC map, and time-limited events like the Iron Banner will be open to all players.

That isn’t the only change that has been implemented after the fan base notices how overpowered the new Prometheus Lens Exotic Tracer Rifle that was added to Curse of Osiris. PvP matches were filled with Guardians playing “Laser Tag”, especially after Xur began selling it over the weekend. Bungie wanted to let fans have some fun with it before announcing that it’s so overpowered there’s no reason to not be using it and “Sure it’s fun, but it breaks the Crucible for anyone who wants to use a different weapon.” Bungie doesn’t want this to continue while they’re in the process of rebalancing the weapon so they’ve given it an emergency patch to make it “way too weak.” Fans can expect a more balanced Lens when it gets a proper review in January.

What do you think of the changes made to the Curse of Osiris content and endgame activities? Do you prefer players to always have access to everything, or would you prefer everything always remain relevant?

Andrew Stretch

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