Buenos Aires True Salt 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina is an event that’s part of the Capcom Pro Tour Latin America division, offering South American citizens a chance at scoring some much needed CPT points and potentially qualify for Capcom Cup. However, due to the nature of CPT rules, North American top players are allowed to register, too.

In addition to Street Fighter V, tournaments were held for The King of Fighters XIV, Tekken 7, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Streaming was hosted on the UAFG and Argentos Assemble channels on Twitch. As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name] [[characters used]]” format. However, due to True Salt not using Smash.gg to organize brackets, we will not be able to provide links to them.

Street Fighter V

  • 1. Echo Fox | Justin Wong [Karin]
  • 2. HKDash [M. Bison]
  • 3. Flash [Urien, Laura, Rashid]
  • 4. F3 | Brolynho [Necalli, M. Bison]
  • 5. Misterio [Karin]
  • 5. DidimoKOF [Dhalsim]
  • 7. Pikoro [M. Bison]
  • 7. Old Trussy [Cammy]

Echo Fox’s Justin Wong takes home the win here, and with it, 160 CPT points. This bumps his total up to 811, making him tied for 13th with Japanese player Yukadon. He’s very secure in this spot, and is certainly going to be able to qualify for Capcom Cup in December. The only other top 8 player here who is also in the top 50 of the CPT leaderboards is Flash, and his third place finish here earns him 70 points, which brings his CPT standing up to 37th. With enough of a grind, he could slide into qualification range at the last moment. However, for the other Latin American warriors, they’ll have to travel to events if they wish to gets the points, as there are no more online events scheduled for their region this year.

King of Fighters XIV

  • 1. Misterio [Benimaru/Yuri/King, others]
  • 2. Nekro [Mian/Benimaru/Athena, others]
  • 3. Chechi [Benimaru/Gang-il/Geese, others]
  • 4. Gasty Solano [Xanadu/Muimui/Kim]
  • 5. DiegoRC4 [Geese/King of Dinosaurs/Robert]
  • 5. Leo Puje [Mai/Benimaru/King]
  • 7. Charly [Leona/Iori/Meitenkun]
  • 7. ElBochaKOF

Tekken 7

  • 1. Lukz [Kazumi]
  • 2. Lucky Crowkicks [Luckly Chloe, Law]
  • 3. Echo Fox | Justin Wong [Jack-7]
  • 4. Leeito94 [Steve]
  • 5. Hizokasama [Bryan]
  • 5. Gonzoboo [Dragunov, Josie]
  • 7. Cyproz [Feng]
  • 7. Angel SNK [Yoshimitsu]

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  • 1. Kane BlueRiver [Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar]
  • 2. Echo Fox | Justin Wong [Wolverine/Storm/Akuma]
  • 3. Pachinko [Captain America/Taskmaster/Vergil, others]
  • 4. Pantufla [Firebrand/Dormammu/Amaterasu]
  • 5. Shuma MKZ [Nova/Shuma-Gorath/Super Skrull]
  • 5. Shadow [Nova/Dr. Doom/Super Skrull, others]
  • 7. BonelessChrisG [Morrigan/Dr. Doom/Vergil]
  • 7. Nano [Nova/Spencer/Dr. Doom]

Matthew Fetrow

I've been playing video games since 4 years of age, and finally began to deeply invest myself into the world of fighting games in 2015 after many off-and-on encounters with games inside the genre. I have a preference for 3D fighters, but also enjoy Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and some airdashers. I'm also a big fan of RPGs and shmups.

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