In our recently posted interview with Black Forest Games, behind the upcoming Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, one of the developers shared with us one of the projects that Black Forest Games would love to tackle as a franchise: Turrican.

In the interview Black Forest Games shared it in this exchange:

TechRaptor: With Giana Sisters and now Bubsy on the comeback from Black Forest Games, are there any other IPs you’ve wanted or plan to bring back?

Black Forest Games: There are a lot of IPs we really would love to work on. To whomever it may concern, Turrican is on our wishlist.

For those who don’t know Turrican, it was a run and gun series released in the 1990s that started on the Commodore 64. It achieved a lot of notability for its graphics that were essentially unparalleled on the system, and it was ported to the Commodore Amiga by Factor 5 and to many other systems including Sega Genesis, Game Boy, ZX Spectrum and others by Code Monkeys and published by Accolade. The sequel, Turrican 2, was released a year later on C64, Amiga, Genesis (as Universal Soldier by Code Monkeys/Accolade) among many others.

Recently, a Turrican 2 director’s cut was announced on the upcoming Analogue Super NT, an upcoming SNES clone console by the people who made the high-end Analogue NT Mini, but at a much more affordable price. Super Turrican: Director’s Cut adds 2 extra megabytes of data to the game and is built into the Super NT. This is 33% more data in the game, giving improved visuals, extra enemies, and a lot more.

However, it may be that the purchase of Black Forest Games by THQ Nordic earlier this year may influence future plans for the company, moving them away from working with other companies’ back IP as THQ Nordic has bought a lot of older IPs.

Don Parsons

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