ESL’s Brooklyn Beatdown is back again to offer players another chance at winning big cash in a single event. With a respectably large $50,000 prize pool up for grabs at this one-weekend tournament with no qualification necessary beforehand, lots of talent are lining up to take home the lion’s share of the money. The tournament is capped at 256 entrants, but only 143 slots were filled.

Brooklyn Beatdown is not part of the Capcom Pro Tour, meaning that participants of the event don’t receive any CPT points going toward Capcom Cup qualification. However, the vast majority of players are either already qualified, are capable of catching up, or have no chance of catching up at all, thus they’ve opted to try for the big money win as opposed to securing more points.

Streaming was done by ESL SFV. As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name] [[characters used]]” format. If you’d like to see the full brackets, you can do so here, on

Street Fighter V

Due to being a specialized event featuring one game, top 16 will be listed instead of top 8.

  • 1. Echo Fox | Tokido [Akuma]
  • 2. GRPT | Fuudo [R. Mika]
  • 3. Echo Fox | Justin Wong [Karin, Ed]
  • 4. Rise | MenaRD [Birdie]
  • 5. Echo Fox | Momochi [Ken]
  • 5. Rise | Smug [Balrog]
  • 7. PG | Punk [Karin]
  • 7. CyG BST | Daigo [Guile]
  • 9. Alienware | Nemo [Urien]
  • 9. GFuel | Verloren [Cammy]
  • 9. GRPT | Haitani [Necalli]
  • 9. John Takeuchi [Rashid]
  • 13. SB | JB [Rashid]
  • 13. BX3 | Phenom [Necalli]
  • 13. GGP | Kazunoko [Cammy]
  • 13. Liquid | NuckleDu [Guile, R. Mika]

In a top 8 loaded with Echo Fox members, it was Tokido who persevered. He’ll be taking home $20,000 for his win, and as someone who is already extremely secure in his Capcom Cup qualification status, he has no need to worry about lost points, either. Being one of the most talent-heavy tournaments of the year, coming out on top at Brooklyn Beatdown is definitely a testament to one’s skill. The top 16 by itself is stuffed with amazing players who could have taken the win.

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