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Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has announced a brand new browser he is working on called Brave. Perhaps the most interesting feature in the browser is its approach to ads and ad-blocking.

On the official site for Brave, it is acknowledged that much of the “free” content that we all enjoy online is actually supported by advertisements, and the rise of ad-blockers is cutting into the revenue of publishers. On the other hand, many users would be happy to turn off ad-blockers and support publishers, if the ads weren’t so obnoxious. Ads have become more and more annoying, with autoplay videos being one of the worst ideas ever devised. As ads have grown more intrusive they have also grown more bloated. According to the Brave team, up to 60% of the load time on some sites is advertisements. Often times ads will track the browsing habits of users, and invade their privacy. Worst of all, are ads which can install dangerous malware on your computer.

Brave aims to deal with these issues and save the advertisement business model by offering better ads. The Browser automatically blocks all ads and replaces them with ones from its own ad network. These ads will only appear in a few standard locations. The ads will be safe and malware free. The ad network will protect users’ privacy, and will collect no personally identifiable information by default. Brave plans to share the revenue from their ad network with the publishers.

Currently there are versions of the browser under development for Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android. The project is open source, so anyone can contribute if they have the skills. The browser is currently in its Beta stage, and you can sign up for it on the site. There is a wait-list, but when I signed up I was told I would be sent the download link shortly. Even though a Linux version is under development, the beta sign-up did not offer it as a choice of OS to select, so it may be further behind in development than other versions.

Can Brave Save the advertisement model for online content? Leave your comments below.

Max Michael

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  • One-Eye

    If it’s Social Justice Terrorist-proof then sign me up.

  • anon1

    so THIS is your disqus


  • anon1

    Sounds good, provided the shitty ad networks don’t pay a boatload to brave to host with them, i can get behind this.

    Also i liked early firefox and am a bit tired of chrome

  • One-Eye

    I loved Firefox until the adblockers suddenly stopped working and they stopped allowing you plug-ins where you could rip audio from YouTube videos.

    I hope Mozilla end up in the toilet.

  • One-Eye

    Okay, ‘anon1’.

  • bob

    This is kind of cool. Will it have other security feature to it as well, like in firefox and chrome? Ads aren’t the only thing where you can get malware, spyware, ect. Just curious If I’ll still need NoScript, if they have add-ons.

  • Assurbanipal The Great

    Wat? Firefox still have the best adblocker with uBlock Origin and the best options to customise your online experience. On youtube you can even completely bypass the standard player with stuff like Viewtube.

  • One-Eye

    Nope. I suddenly got rolling ads on YouTube after I had installed THREE adblockers there, and had gone into the coding and installed a adblock there as well.

    Sell-out Firefox can suck my dick.

  • Clairity

    I’m pretty glad to see Brendan Eich hasn’t given up the ghost after he got forced out of Mozilla. While I think his anti-gay activism from 2008 (I think? I don’t remember when it was) was awful, he doesn’t deserve to get kicked out of the industry.

    Besides that, we really, really need a browser like Brave. Firefox is going tits up from all the bloat and unnecessary changes, Chrome’s almost certainly phoning home to Google, and Edge is, well, Edge.

  • bhoulders

    Meanwhile I’m running Firefox with adblocker, no ads on YouTube, and I can rip all I want from both YouTube and SoundCloud. Not sure what is up with your install but its all still working fine for me.

  • Assurbanipal The Great

    There is no point in installing three adblockers, uBlock origin, random agent spoofer, Ghostery, noscript and Viewtube shield you well. Add tor under that if you are really paranoid.
    Anyway, the real safety hazard for a computer is between the chair and the keyboard, if with all those tools you still have ads, your computer is infected, stop visiting porno websites, sry.