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Its come out today that the Australian Classification Board has a new entry – and its for a multiplatform release called Borderlands Remastered Edition.

Remastering and rereleasing games for new platforms is something thats become increasingly popular this generation, and it seems that Borderlands is going to get in on the fun for a PS4/XBox One release. It likely is aimed to take advantage of Telltale’s new Tales of the Borderlands which has been very well received – including by our own Thomas Nelson. It also will be following Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel which has received more mixed reviews, but may help draw more people into playing the original.

Not much in the way of details are here of course, its M15+, which is the same as all the other borderlands games. Its got online interactivity (of course), and is classified as a modified product. 2k Australia and Gearbox are listed as the authors for it, with 2k being listed as the publisher.

Borderlands was first released in 2009 for XBox 360, Playstation 3, and PC – receiving critical acclaim and much popularity for Gearbox. Being a surprise hit, picking up millions in sales in a relatively short period was a boon to the company and has spurred the continued development of the series. It was given a Game of the Year release in 2010, with all 4 DLC included with it for players.

One would imagine that Borderlands Remastered Edition will also include all the DLC that was created for the game. Its likely as well given that Borderlands, and its even more popular sequel Borderlands 2, were released on PC that Borderlands Remastered Edition will come there, but there is no guarantee on that. Neither Take-Two nor Gearbox has made any statement or release about this game yet, leaving a lot up in the air on specific details.

What do you think of relatively recent games getting ‘Remastered’ only years after their release – or in some cases like the Last of Us only 1 year later? Do you think you’ll buy Borderlands Remastered Edition? What game would you be most interested in seeing Remastered and brought to new consoles and updated visuals ? 

Don Parsons

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I've been a gamer for years of various types starting with the Sega Genesis and Shining Force when I was young. If I'm not playing video games, I'm often roleplaying, reading, writing, or pondering things brought up by speculative fiction.

  • Kevin Rose

    Not really sure it needs a remastered edition – what are they going to change?

    Sounds like more moneygrabbing from a typically moneygrabbing company.

  • Volrath

    Just what we need, a trip back to a less complete version of a game we got only a few months ago, that no one was that excited for in the first place.

  • Mike

    With all the talk of how the Pre-Sequel left many people feeling it was just more of the same, I suppose that the best thing we could say is at least a remake drops the pretense of being something new.

    Yes, I find remakes of relatively recent games to be an indication of a lack of creative spark on the part of a developer. It may be safe in a business sense since remaking Borderlands would be a lot cheaper than actually building a new game with new ideas so they don’t really need to move as many copies, but it is a trend I generally am not too excited by.

    I suppose someone might be excited by it, but I really can’t feel a great amount of enthusiasm for reheated leftovers.

  • They will probably just slap 1080p and 60fps and release it for new consoles. I mean there is nothing else they can do with a game on consoles. If you are stuck with a console remasters are the only way to enjoy an old game once you make the switch from old console to new one (unless Microsoft and Sony show mercy and the game ends up on their online store).

  • AnarKreig

    Going to need all that money when Sega finally wins the class action law suit.

  • I was excited for Borderlands. :B

  • Volrath

    I was too, the first time. Not the third, and certainly not this fourth time.