New details about the character bond system for Koei Tecmo’s upcoming JRPG Blue Reflection have been released. Building relationships with your classmates is an important part of the game. The more time spent with a friend the stronger your bond will become and the more support they can lend you in difficult battles.

Protagonist Hinako may be a magical Reflector but she’s still a high schooler that needs to make time for friends, clubs, and herself. While battling the forces of evil is a key part of the game extensive simulation elements are also crucial to gameplay. When she’s not fighting Hinako will be making new friends, surfing the schools online social network, joining after school clubs or spending some time alone at home.

All of these simulation events help create bonds with other characters in the game. Those bonds can be further increased through “Bond Episodes” that take place at school after class ends. “Date Events” can also cultivate friendships by spending time outside of school with a friend at locations such as the movie theater or general store, highlighting each individual’s unique personality.

Once these bonds have been formed and Hinako has spent some time with a character new options will become available to Hinako. These include narrative progressing “Essential Missions”, Character driven “Important Missions” and “Common Exploration”. As missions are completed with individual characters their relationship with Hinako will grow stronger and unlock powerful new abilities.

Blue Reflection Bond Mission

Aside from socializing Hinako can also choose to return home and relax after school. Spending time at home will reveal more about the protagonist’s past as well as allow players to use the in game FreeSpace! App. This app is popular among the girls at school and is useful for connecting with friends and planning activities.

Koei Tecmo America will be releasing Gust’s JRPG Blue Reflection in the U.S. on September 26, 2017. It will be available for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. It has been rated “T for Teen”.

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