Bloodborne Release Date Announced

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In a stream (all in Japanese) that was getting people ready for a press conference later today at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced the release date for Bloodborne, which will be coming to Japan (assumedly) February 5, 2015.  That may mean a day or two earlier for a North America release.

From what we saw of Bloodborne at E3, it looks like it will be similar in style, tone, and gameplay to the Dark Souls series. It was known previously as Project Beast.  Considering where the announcement came from, and the fact that Sony will be having a press conference later today for the Tokyo Game Show, we may expect to see some new information regarding the game.

The Bloodborne release date may come to a surprise to some, as it was looking more like it may be a game we see later next year.

Could it be too soon maybe? We first saw some information regarding Bloodborne back in May, where many people rightly compared it to Dark Souls. One should consider whether it is too early as one could make an argument that this is a quick sequel to a popular series.

That raises another question, even though the game is called Bloodborne, is it fair to treat it as a new series or IP? It just seems like there is some rebranding going on here with a game that just doesn’t need it. Dark Souls, and even Dark Souls II, received wonderful press. It just makes you wonder what is going on.

So far, everything just seems far too similar. That isn’t a bad thing, there is just something to wonder about why they want to call it something entirely different. Then again, we don’t know whether or not Bloodborne will have any lore significance to the Dark Souls mythos.

We’ll all just have to see.

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