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BlazBlue: Central Fiction is coming to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 this Holiday. Aksys Games has recently announced what is included in the Limited Edition of BlazBlue: Central Fiction, a new character, and updates about the state of the English dub of the game.

BlazBlue CF Limited Edition

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition will include with it a copy of the game, an art book with 100 pages showing off the history of the series, a figuring of Mini Noel Vermillion Nendoroid striking an iconic pose, and the BlazBlue Song Interlude III Soundtrack featuring ten tracks from the game. This Limited Edition will be available at launch for $90 USD.

BlazBlue CF Es

The new character appearing in Central Fiction will be Es, the main character of Xblaze – Code: Embryo. For those who don’t know, Xblaze is a Visual Novel set 150 years before the events of the main BlazBlue story line that was released for the PS3 and Vita in 2014. While she might seem like a simple character to use at first she has an added ability to enhance her special moves, this means that her play style can be changed as the match continues giving her added flexibility. “Crest Arts”, her drive, adds damage to her offensive strikes based on how many hits you get in. Es will be available for free on the PlayStation Store on launch day where she will remain for free until two weeks after the game launches. After that two week period, she will be available to purchase as DLC.

There is some bad news for fans of the English dub of the previous BlazBlue as Aksys also announced via their twitter account last week that there won’t be an English dub in BlazBlue: Central Fiction, which will be the first time in the mainline series there will not be a dub.

They then went on to clarify that it’s not that they plan for an English dub 6-8 months down the track and that there is currently no plans for dub release or a dub DLC. This bad news is some that fans have been worried about for some time especially after some of the lead voice actors confirmed that they hadn’t been approached for any voice work. Fans have started a petition to show support for the dub and hope to convince Aksys Games that it is worth the effort to produce the dub.

What do you think of the Limited Edition and the new character? Do you think they should have waited the 6 months to release an English dub? Would you be willing to pay for a dub in DLC? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Vernify

    The LE and new character do honestly look pretty awesome. Don’t have the money for it since I’m pretty broke after having upgraded/replaced parts in my PC after it just died completely. That being said, the smart consumer in me would have to pass up this up anyway as there is a likely chance of there being a extend version and possibly having an English dub given the negative reaction people have had to there not being one for what is possibly the last entry in the series. Honestly, I’m one of the people who would have waited for a English dub since it would be so weird to hear the final entry in JP rather then through the English dub cast who I’ve come to recognize as part of the lively cast of characters that have made up the BB series for me.

    I do have to admit to wanting the English dub as being DLC, but paying for it is honestly a bit of a tricky one to me. One one hand, I understand they would need to re-coup the cost of having to pay the English VA’s, but previous games in the series have had the English VA’s right there and at the same price as this game, so it’s a tricky question to answer. It would just feel so weird and wrong in a way to be paying for something that should have simply been apart of the game from the start as it had been for the previous entries in the series (minus the mobile game).