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New details have been revealed for Compile Hearts upcoming game Black Rose Valkyrie and translated over at Gematsu. The official website for the game has been updated with screenshots and information about the game’s interview system, battle system and Valkyrie weapons. The PlayStation 4 title will be releasing this summer featuring a cast of female soldiers and a betrayal mechanic that will have one of your party members turn against you.

It was previously explained that in the alternate history of the world in which Black Rose Valkyrie is set that a mysterious virus is turning people and animals into threatening Chimera. In order to fight these new monster’s a special class of soldiers known as Valkyrie have arisen and these soldiers use special anti-Chimera weapons also known as Valkyrie. New details about the weapons tell that Valkyrie soldiers physically plug into the weapons instead of simply wielding them.

It was explained earlier that to use the weapons soldiers needed to take special medication to make them compatible, but that the treatment has a negative effect on the body and mind. It’s been further explained that such use of the treatment over a long period of time is prohibited and that weapons seem to be linked to specific personnel that have been conditioned to use them. If anyone uses a weapon that has not been authorized to do so there could be dangerous consequences.

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Idea Factory/ Compile Heart

Speaking of weapons, new images show the variety of forms that the Valkyrie or TCS weaponry can take. Ranging from large swords to enormous crossbow-esque machinery these unique devices look like they can deal out a lot of damage. Details about the battle system used in Black Rose Valkyrie have also been elaborated on via the game’s website.

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Idea Factory/ Compile Heart

Using a command based battle system called ‘Tactical Fluid Battle System’ players will be able to give orders to their party members. Commands include “Combos”, “Charge” and “Arts.” The order of actions will change in real-time interchanging enemy and ally actions and keeping players on their toes as they endeavor to make the most tactical decisions.

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Idea Factory/ Compile Heart

As mentioned before, the game has a betrayal mechanic in which a member of your party can turn against you. The only way to prevent a rogue soldier from sabotaging your mission is by interviewing party members to make sure no one has been infected with the Chimera virus. Unfortunately the long term effects of using the TCS Valkyrie weapons can split a soldier’s personality causing them to have similar symptoms as someone infected with Chimera-ism. The game will have an interview system that will allow players to question their party members at fixed intervals to try and root out any Chimeras but how that system will look hasn’t been revealed.

A gallery of images from the game can be viewed on the game’s website here. Black Rose Valkyrie will be released in Japan for PS4 on June 30th. 

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