Compile Heart’s upcoming RPG Black Rose Valkyrie got some unfortunate news earlier today. New off screen footage of the game recently went online and shortly after an announcement was made that the RPG’s release is being pushed back by two weeks. Originally the game was scheduled to release on June 30th, now it is set to become available on July 21st.

Black Rose Valkyrie

Idea Factory/ Compile Heart

The announcement made on Compile Heart’s website explains that the delay is being made for further quality improvement. The company writes that they apologize for disappointing fans that were looking forward to the game’s launch as well as to companies that may be inconvenienced by the delay of Black Rose Valkyrie’s release.  Those that were looking forward to the game coming to PS4 in a month’s time will now have to wait an extra two weeks.

Before the disappointing announcement that the game is being delayed, a short video of off-screen footage was posted online. Perhaps the glimpse at the Black Rose Valkyrie gameplay will soften the blow of the bad news for dedicated fans. The video is from a public play event held in Akihabara, Tokyo. The footage shows a battle complete with oversized weapons and combo attacks. Watch the off-screen footage below.


The video shows the protagonist running through the town and encountering a raven-esque enemy. Viewers can see how the menu system works (in full Japanese) and the different character’s weapons and animations as they battle. With no audio, the video is only a brief glimpse into a single battle of the game, but it will be removed at a later date so watch it while you can.

It’s sad news for Black Rose Valkyrie fans that the game is being delayed another two weeks. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it allowing the developers to make quality improvements to the game. Black Rose Valkyrie will be released for PlayStation 4 on July 21st in Japan.

Black Rose Valkyrie

Compile Heart/ Idea Factory

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