That’s right, Rapture lovers! The Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 release date has been announced. Filled with more Elizabeth and Booker, plasmid-craving enemies, and the beautiful city of Rapture, the adventure continues! Coming off the heels of a fresh new screenshot (See below!), the new DLC is almost here!

Irrational Games announced this morning that the second half of BioShock Infinite‘s story-driven add-on content, Burial at Sea — Episode 2, will launch on March 25th! This news comes not long after Ken Levine, winner of the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, announced that episode 2 will last around “five, maybe six hours”. If you read our review for episode 1, you’ll know that it only lasted about 2 to 3 hours, which is pretty short for DLC that is $15 on its own! If you want a nice little teaser, check out this screenshot (which if you didn’t know already, may blow your mind!)  –

Burial At Sea Episode 2

The all-new DLC will be available on the Playstation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Steam for $14.99, unless you already own the Season Pass ($19.99). The Season Pass includes the previous DLC, Clash in the Clouds, as well as Burial at Sea and all other DLC as it is released.

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