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Update: an update on the Steam Store lets us know that Bioshock and Bioshock 2 remasters will be free for anyone who owns the original games on Steam. Note that Minerva’s Den is counted separately for being updated it appears. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 9 years since we first set foot in the objectivist’s dream that was Rapture, 6 years since we put on the Big Daddy suit, and 4 years since we visited the floating Disneyworld of racism Columbia. By now a whole new generation of gamers have entered the market since then, and publisher 2K  has officially announced the long-rumored remastered bundle to introduce the aforementioned newcomers to the game, as well as give the series a new coat of paint that will breathe new life into the game for returning veterans of the series. 

This bundle will include all 3 main games in the series, as well as all of the singleplayer DLC packs for all the games with updated graphics, except Bioshock Infinite which already “meets current-gen console standards and runs smoothly on high visual settings”. The online multiplayer in Bioshock 2 won’t be available in the bundle. 

In addition to this, there will also be new video series, titled Bioshock: Imagining Bioshock, that tells the story of the franchise’s development, including commentary and new insights by Bioshock creator Ken Levine. There is also a Museum of Orphaned Concepts, which is an interactive digital museum that shows off designs and concepts that didn’t make it into the games. There will also be completely new gameplay in the form of Challenge Rooms, where players can solve puzzles and take part in firefights. Other games in the franchise have been given behind-the-scenes material, in addition to in-game bonuses like more money at the start of the game to help you along. 

The remaster is being made by 2K in collaboration with Blind Squirrel Games, who have been involved in the development of games like Sunset Overdrive, Borderlands 2 and the original Bioshock Infinite.

 Bioshock: The Collection is scheduled to release on September 13 in the US (15 for Australia and 16 for all other territories) for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $59.99. For a full list of all the new features, you can read this official blog post!

Quick Take

Even though I’ve bought every installment of the franchise already (in physical form) I would not be opposed to being the remastered versions as well. Especially the original one is aging rather badly on a graphical level, and seeing Rapture updated for today’s hardware is something I would very much enjoy. Not as much as a new Bioshock, but something to keep me occupied for when (and if!) that new installment might pop up somewhere. I also love the box art for the game. 

What do you think of the announcement? Would you buy Bioshock: The Collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Mistah J.

    I wish they were updating Infinite for PC. It’s nice that PC users who own the previous versions get the upgrade free, however.

  • Street Spirit

    What’s the source on that? Also, I haven’t bought the second game’s Minerva’s Den dlc, should I buy it or will the upgrade include that as well?

  • If I read the page correctly, you have to own the DLC to receive the upgraded version at launch.

    So, yeah, buy it, there’s a Steam Sale going on.

  • Street Spirit

    OK thanks.

  • BurntToShreds

    I’m so glad that BioShock 2 is included in this. With the way that people inexplicably scorned 2 while giving ridiculous praise to Infinite, a worse game both mechanically (dumbed down gameplay and combat) and story-wise (a pretentiously convoluted plot that pretends to be deep when it isn’t), I’d have expected them to just dump 2 and only include the first and third.

  • 2 was criminally underrated, especially compared to Infinite. The multiplayer was pretty fun too.

  • Thiers no need as the verison we got on PC is the same that consoles are getting.

  • Erin

    I’m a slave to anything Bioshock, so I’m in. And hot damn, that cover art sure makes up for Infinite’s.

  • Mistah J.

    It’s on their Steam news page.
    In my opinion, the MD DLC was a better story than BS2’s story, so it’s definitely worth a buy. Purchasing The Collection gets you everything. As far as I can tel, if you don’t purchase it, you’ll get the remastered versions of the ones you already own.

  • Mistah J.

    I’m aware. But there’s so much better that it could look just this short time later’s all I’m saying.

  • Street Spirit

    Late reply but thankfully I bought MD in summer sale.