Developer Experiment 101 recently clarified that turning down the narration slider in Biomutant will not forego story-important narrations and context.

When Biomutant had its gameplay debut at Gamescom 2017, a few gamers were impressed by the game’s gun-fu, hack-and-slash action, but annoyed with the overly loud narrator. Aside from translating out loud the unintelligible language spoken by the characters, the narrator also provides commentary during battle, shouting obvious lines such as “you hit it!” “hack-and-slash!” and “really killed that one!” Thankfully, players will have a slider to control the amount of narration; however, players felt concerned if there would be repercussions.

Speaking to DualShockers, Head of Studio Stefan Ljungqvist said the narration slider in Biomutant only affects unimportant commentary, such as the narrator’s zany statements during combat. “So in essence, you’ll never be able to accidentally miss important information,” said Ljungqvist. Additionally, Ljungqvist said the narrator is a major character in the story and end-game of Biomutant. With Biomutant also being a player-driven game, it’s possible the narrator’s actions in the end-game will change accordingly.

Without even toggling the sliders, the amount of narration will decrease the “amount of dynamic narration over time for each session you play and over [the] total time played,” said Ljungqvist. “For example Horizon: Zero Dawn also had loads of combat commentary in the first demo, but they downed that down significantly for the final game.”

Biomutant is a post-apocalyptic open-world gun fu, hack-and-slash action-RPG being published by THQ Nordic. The game is slated for an unspecified 2018 release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with the standard and collector’s edition already up for pre-order. Developer Experiment 101 is a Sweden-based independent studio composed of former Just Cause developers. It was also one of our Top 10 games of PAX West.

What do you think about Biomutant’s narrator? Will you be adjusting the narration slider after hearing this information? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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