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Over the past decade or so, video games have matured to be a more inclusive hobby that virtually anyone can take part in without feeling unreasonably excluded. Today, it isn’t unusual for a game to give you a chance to play as or encounter characters who are female, and there are no shortage of games that feature characters that come from all walks of life. That’s not to say that we have reached the apex of equality in games, but it is a far cry from the days when games were pretty much marketed exclusively to boys. Oddly enough though, the latest game to catch some flack over the exclusion of women is Battlefield 1, EA’s upcoming World War 1 themed game.

According to Amandine Coget, a former DICE employee, Battlefield 1 was originally going to feature female characters in the multiplayer, but the decision was reversed when the developers wanted to focus on realism. However, she also claimed that the real reason behind this change was that “female soldiers are not [believable], to the core audience of boys.”

Male, female, the only thing that changes is the sound you make when you get bludgeoned to death.

Regardless on where you stand on the issue, the claim that DICE is not including female characters in multiplayer for the sake of realism is a pretty valid (if convenient) excuse. After all, there are very, very few accounts of females serving in combat positions during the war, to the point that you may as well say that it was statistically impossible for a woman to serve in any of the armed forces of the participant nations during the conflict. On top of that, Battlefield games aren’t exactly known for deep character customization (or any character customization), so it’s not like it’s a new gameplay mechanic that exists for the sole purpose of making you play as a male character.

Of course, you could say that there’s no reason not to give players an option to play as a female character in multiplayer, given that almost every other modern game has at least given you a choice, but that is a rather shaky argument at best. At its core, this is a decision that is made at the creative level, and if the developer feels like their work should look and feel as such, then that should be the end of the discussion. It is no different from going up to an artist and demanding that they change their work of art for one reason or another even though you have not seen the finished product.

If you turn down the multiplayer character voices, you could probably imagine any character as being female, and it’s not like there’s any mirrors to prove you wrong.

Even in the grand scheme of things, where equal portrayal of the sexes in media is an important topic, Battlefield 1’s lack of female multiplayer characters shouldn’t even be an issue. It’s not as if people were expecting to play as female characters to begin with, especially given the context of the game, and the suspension of disbelief only goes so far when it is a historical fact (that schools should have drilled into your head) that society at the time did not think that women should fill the same roles as men. Like most movements, the demand for the equal portrayal of the sexes only makes progress if it picks its battles in an intelligent way, and criticizing the multiplayer portion of a game that is based on a historical event is hardly a smart battle.

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Anson Chan

Staff Writer

You ever wonder why we're here? It's one of life's greatest mysteries, isn't it? Good thing games exist so that we don't have to think about it. Or at least I don't have to think about it. Instead, I'll just play Halo or something.

  • Ron Perez

    Good article

  • “Logic isn’t always the answer”?

    Thanks for making it clear you can be safely ignored.

  • Zepherdog

    To hell with logic I want a bunch of mexican transexuals in it.

  • After quickly looking it up, there were women who fought in WWI, but that was only for the Russian army. The rest worked in support roles or stayed at the home.

  • Should have added a “/sarcasm” tag there…

  • Gargie

    As a male I have no issue become immersed in a game when playing as a female character.

  • Zepherdog

    Yeah because we all need a ‘sarcasm’ or ‘satire’ tag in order to notice what is sarcasm or satire.

  • lucben999

    No, that ruins the joke.

  • Andrew

    “but it is a far cry from the days when games were pretty much marketed exclusively to boys”
    It would be in your favour to extend this to include the millions company’s spend on research to sell the most units.

  • lucben999

    Logic is a construct of the patriarchy designed to subjugate womyn. In order to reach the ideal state of equality where disgusting, violent and predatory males are reduced to 10% of the population, logic must be abolished.

  • Bitterbear

    Maybe if they add a female blacktinarab character named Juanita Al-Muqabalah with a sassy Jamaican Bronx accent, half-assed haircut w/blue hair dye, make her carry a 200 pound gatling gun, and give her thunder thighs underneath those houndstooth-patterned cargo shorts..

  • lucben999

    Nonono, to make it more realistic AND inclusive, they could have a feminist game mode where you hand out white feathers to young boys.

  • hurin

    As someone who served one year in the army (at home), I’ll tell you the very simple reason women cannot fight at the front. They simply do not have the muscle mass to carry the equipment or their wounded comrades. And as a machine gunner with the mortars, I dare say I know how much all that stuff weighs.

    Female soldiers only make sense in futuristic games where the soldiers use exoskeletons.

  • Jake Martinez

    I actually think the more cliched you make your obvious pandering, the more these “SJW” media types eat it up.

  • hurin

    If you want female soldiers in WW1, you’re so open-minded your brain has fallen out and is laying on the floor.

  • hurin

    Same here, looking forward to Dishonered 2.

  • hurin

    SJWs love to toss the ‘half of gamers are female’ BS around, not mentioning that number include smart phone owners. Only 8% of Steam users are female, probably a little higher for consoles.

  • Bitterbear

    They can always make her the star of the 4-hour tutorial Single Player Campaign, make her antagonise a smoking-hot French woman, and then do a last minute lesbian making the two hold hands in the last 15 seconds of the last cinematic ending. It worked with Legend of Korra.

  • Bitterbear

    Mexicans are too mainstream, use Dominican Blacktinas instead.

  • King of Zeroes

    I’m fine with women in modern shooters, or cartoony shooters. But historical shooters, particularly those going for a realistic aesthetic, should stick to the history books.

    World War 1 was a lot of dudes in ditches taking shots at each other and sometimes committing mass suicide by going over the top and running into the other teams bullets.

    Bullets made by women in factories back home.

    On the flipside, if Battlefield had put female characters in, I probably wouldn’t have complained.

    I just wouldn’t have bought it. As is my stance with ALL DICE products. Because after the pay2win bastardization of Battlefield Heroes, my stance on DICE is FUCK DICE.

    But here’s the thing. Female characters were scrapped because the devs wanted to “focus on realism.” That’s actually a legitimate reason. I like that explanation. I accept that explanation. I might ACTUALLY buy Battlefield 1, because I like old fashioned cardboard guns and the concept of Trench Warfare appeals to me.

  • Zepherdog

    But I cant identify with dominicans at all.

  • Scootinfroodie

    I would absolutely buy a game that contrasts the horrors of the western front with the moral grandstanding of those who would never be asked to participate in it. That would be a phenomenal conclusion to a story about WW1.

    That is, provided the gameplay isnt complete trash.

  • Scootinfroodie

    “…society at the time did not think women should fill the same roles as men”
    To be fair, that really hasnt changed in a lot of ways. Just look at the draft, alimony and custody

    As far as this specific battle goes, I cant say that I really care all that much. Most of the rabid “more wimminz” crowd don’t even play shooters, and fewer play MP. It’s bout as statistically significant a population as women on the frontlines in WW1. I can sorta understand the complaint for other settings (though final word on whether or not to do a full extra model, set of animations and clothing pass is up to the developer, artistic vision entirely aside) but attempting to overrepresented women in the first world war seems pretty disrespectful.

  • Zepherdog

    Fund it.

  • Zepherdog

    It’s funny the only reason people even remember Korra anymore is because of the lesbo pandering.

  • Zepherdog

    Playing a female character and allowing historical revisionism on an otherwise ‘realistic’ game are two completely different things.

    That’s why I don’t play AssCreed anymore, too much licking the dead, shriveled balls of Karl Marx.

  • Zepherdog

    In the current climate a game like that would probably glorify the White-Feather Brigade as the true heroes of war, and be a walking simulator on top of that, though.

  • Zepherdog

    You’re right on the money.

  • Typical

    How about girls want to play soldier, they shouldn’t cry like girls?

  • Smoky_the_Bear

    You wanna immerse yourself in a WW1 game? Play as one of the dudes that were there then. Since when does a game become unplayable for a women because the character is male?
    SJWs need to pick ONE argument. We’re repeatedly told by them that gaming isn’t inclusive to women and minorities because there are not enough characters they can identify with. Those same people will then do a full 180 and tell us evil straight white males that we shouldn’t have a problem playing as female characters. They can’t have it both ways.

    That said I have no problem playing as a female character, but I’d really rather not have them in a World War 1 game, there is no reason for it.

  • Arbitrary

    “female soldiers are not [believable], to the core audience of boys.”

    They’re not “[believable]” to anyone with a functioning brain and a basic grasp of history and human biology.

  • Arbitrary

    “I’m fine with women in modern shooters,”

    Not if said shooters go for realism.

  • Bitterbear

    Mmhmm. Magically all the criticism about the half-assed, rushed-out plot vanished into thin air the moment those two held hands in the end.

  • Smoky_the_Bear

    I’d say it’s the opposite. Instantly complaining about no women in a game rather than considering that maybe experiencing World War 1 as one of the men that were could be a cool experience is incredibly closed minded.

  • RandomDev

    Women belong in the home FFS, letting them out has opened up a pandora’s box. We don’t and never did need parody of the sexes in anything, women have a place as do men, women make the babies and tend the home and men get stuck doing everything else whether we like it or not. BTW women make the worse combatants as evidenced by research from the US army into the feasibility of female combatants.

  • RandomDev

    They don’t even make sense there, beyond the physical problems they are not mentally or cognitively equipped for combat in the past, present, or future.

  • RandomDev

    8% sounds like a pretty legit figure.

  • RandomDev

    I can play as a female character in a game but it still destroys my suspension of disbelief to see women in combat and not being slaughtered, they are terrible soldiers.

  • Typical

    Plus, the overwhelming majority of them are whiny pains in the ass who cause drama, get pregnant to avoid deployment, and try to get dudes to do their work for them.

  • rodolpho

    93% of Wii U EShop customers are male
    94% of Kotaku audience are male.

  • Seansong1

    they’d cry ‘violence against women’ if they were included.

  • Mark Andrew Edwards

    If you’re making a historical game, you need to respect history. Don’t rewrite it.
    Frankly the amount of might morphin multiculturism in BF1 is bad enough as it is. No reason to pander to feminists as well.

  • hurin

    That is not really fair. They can serve in support roles just not at the frontlines.

  • lucben999

    In their minds they CAN have it both ways.

    “Privilege” is the magical component that can patch all apparent inconsistencies and justify all injustice and wrongdoing.

    Why men shouldn’t have a problem playing as female characters? Because men are “privileged”.

    Why women can only identify with female characters? Because women aren’t “privileged”.

    So what is “privilege” you ask? It’s basically the SJW version of body thetans, the invisible fabric, the convenient magical substance that only the enlightened SJW is able to see and thus the reason why everyone should yield to their authority.

  • Arbitrary

    Wait until they make a Russian expansion, and they make every single fucking sniper female.

  • Arbitrary

    “Plus, the overwhelming majority of them are whiny pains in the ass who cause drama, get pregnant to avoid deployment, and try to get dudes to do their work for them.”

    Someone’s had some bad military experiences.

  • Bitterbear

    Screw that. If they can easily ruin someone’s life out of spite, then they have no problem whatsoever in the front lines.

  • Scootinfroodie

    Normally I’d point out that said brigade is normally mocked or criticized and that most people feel they were wrong (at least in hindsight), but then again, Poe’s Law inhaled the Treehouse of Horror inside-out gas a few years back, and has been dancing through anything internet-related since

  • Zepherdog

    Doublethink is a thing of beauty and SJWs are masters of it.

  • Typical

    Not bad, just annoying. The problem is you have women who are worthless, or women who overachieve because they don’t want to seem like the worthless ones. So, there’s not much middle road. Add to that how most men are afraid to discipline the worthless ones and it just makes it easier to not have them in there at all.

  • Historical accuracy aside, there’s a much more basic argument to be made here: It’s a FPS, all you will ever see of your character is their fucking hands.

    There’s a reason that ‘Doomguy’ is Doomguy’s name: because nobody fucking cares.

  • GrimFate

    I don’t usually think in collectivist terms, but considering we’re dealing with progressives here, I’ll try some of their logic:

    Placing women in the Battlefield 1 multiplayer would be obscuring the fact that it was men and men alone who were giving their lives for their countries in WW1 frontline combat. Men were forced to fight and women were not, so shoehorning women into the game’s portrayal of frontline combat would be trying to share in a glory they did not earn. I’m sure these people would be upset if the achievements of women were being undermined by portraying those women’s achievements as being equally contributed to by men. What if a game was made about women getting the vote and it portrayed men and women as equally contributing to the law being changed?

    Mainly I just care about the authenticity. I know some things need to be changed to make the game more fun, but adding women to frontline combat is nothing more than gender politics. If you want female soldiers in games based in the near future or beyond, sure, I completely agree with that – I am not opposed to women being soldiers – but don’t force the issue of gender equality where it doesn’t belong!

    And obligatory anti-sexism disclaimer required when being a man discussing gender: I am not against female characters; I fully support female characters. When capable of picking my gender in a game, I often play as a woman. I also fully support the choice of gender in games where women did have such roles, where they will logically have such roles in future and in fantasy worlds that will obviously have their own levels of equality. My issue here is simply authenticity.

  • GrimFate

    I keep hearing that the vast majority of women fail the physical requirements for the military, obviously in positions that require serious physical strength.

    I personally have no issue with the *idea* of women as soldiers, but my mind keeps going back to something a military guy said regarding women in frontline combat, which was along the lines of: If a member of the squad does not have the strength to carry an injured soldier to safety, people will die.

  • thesteelguy

    you’re not just bitter, but also relentlessly on point.

  • Scootinfroodie

    Oh hey, a fellow BFH refugee. I remember when they added a premium item solely to counter a dot only one class could apply! Quality stuff!

    Also with regards to realism it looks as though its going for a proto-WW2 vibe than anything else, which is neat but not the rifles and trenches AAA Verdun people seem to be expecting. They showed footage at E3 if you havent seen it yet.

    Personally I’ll be waiting to see if loop zooking comes back before opening my wallet.

  • MrPwner911

    If I recall my history classes properly (it’s been a while), I don’t think women were in the frontlines of the WWI, but instead tended to the wounded soldiers (I think they also did intel as well) in the base or field camps during the battle.

    Doesn’t mean they weren’t in the war, they just didn’t explicitly fight in it.

  • RandomDev

    Problem with that is they suck at that role too and they really belong in the home making babies like they evolved to do.

  • Gregory

    Men and women don’t even play with each other in sports.. but we’re going to integrate the military??

  • I liked Korra well before that.

  • The solution is to have reasonable (but not excessive) strength requirements, and if people can’t meet them, too freaking bad.

  • That’s due to competitive advantages. Being in the military shouldn’t be a competition with your fellow soldiers.

  • I actually substantially prefer playing female characters. I do it in almost every game it’s available, including first person games, such as vermintide

  • King of Zeroes

    And not even a dot applied by the overpowered class.

    They hit arguably the weakest class by giving Pay2Win the power the just ignore its reliable damage ability.

    Mostly I was just pissed about them charging real money for Bandages and Wrenches. Wrenches in particular. I was a dogfighter. I loved the planes in that game.

  • Hobo-Tobo

    What “multiculturism”?

  • Hobo-Tobo

    Women in a WW1 shooter is a retarded idea, but what the fuck is going on with some of the comments here?

  • Oscar Steen

    Then again… The “realism” is subjected to artistic interperetation all the time. If one should view Battlefield 1 as a work of art it should be free to use the backdrop of ww1 and do whatever the artist finds interesting. Now. I for one think that it would be more interesting to include elements that are fictional in a fictive work and confess its fiction, rather then use fictive elements in fictionalized historical context and propose the work to be authentic. In the end we are talking about art and the artist is free to include/exlude all that said artist wants. If one exludes women because of historical correctness one should use that same analysis for the rest of BF1 as well. In the end it would not be a very fun game.

  • Ghost

    You would have to be autistic if you need a sarcasm tag.

  • Reptile

    Funny that when it comes to “lack of female characters” in real world’s military and war those people shut the fuck up and even whine with the possibility of obligated female military service.

  • Scootinfroodie

    Oh I’m fully aware. Started off as Commando before realizing I had to explicitly choose between knifing and leveling one ability, then I swapped to Soldier and burned a lot of Commandos and outsmarted a fair number of Gunners before basically being told that one of my lowest level abilities was too strong and that it needed to be curbed to make way for the class with the largest amount of viable combat roles and highest raw dps. I didnt fly much and had a heal, so bandage and wrench paywalls didnt hit me quite as hard, but when they decided to have paywalls weapons with +1% critical chance or whatever it was I got the sense that, as someone wanting fair play, I really wasnt welcome

    The bizarre thing is that they had a huge marketing push just after that, and then insisted their whole strat worked because people love pay2win. Maybe there were some numbers I wasn’t seeing, but given that the game was relatively unknown before then, and died not incredibly long after, I’d say blatantly pursuing P2W wasn’t the best choice for the game in the long run.

  • King of Zeroes

    I think the worst part about the Pay2Win thing was that Gunners couldn’t afford rockets anymore, so tanks basically ruled to game after that.

    There was also a sharp decline in difficult opponents outside of the Gunner class. Casuals just didn’t have the hours to afford the non-shit guns. Gunners lucked out in that their best weapon was the default.

    Even I had to give up my grenades. I’d bought stuff before that, but when Pay2Win hit I stopped paying and my grenades finally ran dry. Loved those fuckers. They were a big part of my strategy, especially for 1v1ing Gunners.

  • Zepherdog

    I thought ATLA was pretty good, but I found Korra subpar from day 1 because it felt rushed and they didn’t put enough effort. It didn’t get better with subsequent seasons, the lesbian thing was just a way of shielding themselves of criticism because PROGRESSIVE and probably to put Nickelodeon in a bad(worse?) light because NOT PROGRESSIVE.

  • Scootinfroodie

    There’s a difference between creating a sim and trying to hold yourself to what was available at the time. DICE will fudge numbers to give more people prototype/specialized weapons but with your line of reasoning if they arent going to be totally realistic they might as well throw in modern Kalashnikovs and let people run with akimbo Ross rifles. The point is to have the elements of a particular scenario, not every last detail, and women as soldiers goes against several realities of the war and time period. It is, quite frankly, disrespectful to those who fought and died in the war to turn depictions of it into another battle over virtual job parity,
    even more so than turning it into a spectacle

  • Zepherdog

    Tell that to the “Unfireable Firewoman.”

  • Zepherdog

    You’re total scum and you should die. You know, for equality.

  • Zepherdog

    Yeah but a soldier nursing class would be a pertty boring thing to play, and restricting gender to a single class would be “”””””””””””””””””Sexist””””””””””””””””.

  • Zepherdog

    Like I said before, prefering female characters and trying to revise and rewrite history in a game that touts realism and accuracy as one of it’s selling points are two entirely different things.

  • Scootinfroodie

    Yeah I stopped right around the time they made weapons take up most of your earnings. I used to play with the long range SMG. I’m aware it wasnt optimal but I liked to play a harrassment role and could keep Commandos from contributing properly with BB. Most Gunners were pretty awful at the game, so I could just massively outrange and otherwise outplay them to counteract the DPS hit.

    I could definitely see tanks being a problem, especially if you had a Gunner in one in addition to not having many explosive options.

    Its sad really. The game could have been a simple, fun, 3 class shooter with a ton of paid cosmetics. Instead it was a simple 3 class shooter with poor balance, and paid everything.

  • Zepherdog

    Maybe they’re open minded, their mind just got filled to the brim in shit from other people.

  • Oscar Steen

    I’d say that the very nature of war depicted in in Battlefield is disrespectfull for all who died and still dies in warfare, but thats beside the point. What I’m saying is that a work of fiction is always free to skip corners. In Battlefront, I know it’s not a war that has been fought in real life so don’t bark up that tree, DICE included women as avatars plus included heroes in fights oudside of canon. And although the backdrop is fictional, the fact that there were no women rebels or stormtroopers (on screen) is still a fact. That truth is in a way more true than the supposed truth that NO women whatsoever fought in WW1.

  • Scootinfroodie

    There are female combatants on screen in several canon (by Disney’s standards) films. Additionally, Battlefront has never been a strictly canon ordeal (unless you think dice was recreating tatooine duels between characters that really happened), nor am I aware of any point where DICE suggested or would be

    Additionally, I didnt say 0 women fought, but suggesting they were numerous enough to be anything more than a minute spawn chance (only possible with certain nations) is a bit ridiculous, and ignores the policies of the time. It would be more like complaining that your random storm trooper hasnt been labeled force sensitive.

    And again, why not just flat out add things that weren’t ever there if youre going to blow a tiny population of people out of proportion to earn tumblrpoints?

  • Oscar Steen

    I’m not saying that BF is canon it merely uses the canon to make a game and DICE constantly included aspects that worked against canon. Like the original trilogy where no women participate, except for princess Leia. When they choose not to give players any choice regarding gender they downplay the gamers power to play with an avatar that they can relate to. Instead they choose, and it is a choice since igs a work of fiction and not a documentary, to depict men as rabid, disposable dogs of war and women as nonexisting, passive and holy creatures not fit for fighting.

  • Scootinfroodie

    Battlefront has always been a franchise that uses ELEMENTS of Star Wars and not the canon of Star Wars. Darth Vader and Bobba Fett did not fight on Jakku or take part in the battle of Hoth. Hoth, Jakku, Vader and Fett are merely elements of the franchise that get remixed for Battlefront.

    Also the prequels are canon, and show female combatants. It is reasonable to assume that, in addition to women being in prominent roles in the rebellion, that women would have fought as well in some capacity. When you suggest that only scenes shown in the original trilogy matter, you’re ignoring the greater scope of the conflict and setting. It would be like me suggesting that, because Saving Private Ryan didnt show Russians or Italians, they never fought in WW2.

    America and Germany did fight. Tanks and planes were used. Automatic weapons were invented and produced in greater and greater quantities until they (much later) became a standard. These are “canon”, rather than merely being elements. specific battles and nations are used for a reason. While I think DICE used too many hand-held automatics (judging by E3 footage), there’s still at least a degree of thematic consistency there. WW1 represented the transition from classic European warfare to modern combat. The theme is not one of “rabid men”, but it *is* one of disposability, and of desperation. However you increase the sense of disposability when you replace men who fought and died in droves with a disproportionate number of women, many of whom would have stayed away from the frontlines and taken part in supplying armies and treating the wounded, and even some who would shame men who had not gone off to war

  • Oscar Steen

    I believe that the inclusion of women soldiers in the latter Star Wars sagas is nothing more than, although a welcomed, correction to Star Wars historical depiction of galactic conflicts fought by only men, white men specifically. This action is in it self a way of rewriting what we thougt as true and belivable in that specific universe.

    Now as for BF1. I don’t believe, as you apparently do, that most gamers will chose to play as women. Rest assured that the majorety of wargamers are still men and will probably choose an avatar that they identify themself with. (Thoug luck for non whites I guess.)
    But again. This is a work of fiction and when you imply that the ww1 experience is somewhat authentic in BF1 you not only disrespect the men and women who died in combat but also history. If you instead ackowledge the fictive nature of art snd choose to include the 30 k women who served in the navy and army hospitals, technically a part of the military effort before they even had the right to vote and did die in the war… Long sentence.
    Fiction lets you do this. To alter reality and comment on it. If you don’t choose to comment or to alter with an artistic vision, and instead misleads the consumer that your staging is somewhat accurate and true, then you only helps in glorifying atroceties, reinforce hollow “heroic” ideals and simply not contribute to make the world a litte bit better.

  • BigJGoob

    “the developers wanted to focus on realism”


  • But, ceding that competitive advantage to enemy soldiers is coolio?

  • Secretsquirrel

    Perhaps they should just fucking die as a company. Honestly if they wanted realism there wouldnt be that many different races. It would just be a bunch of white people fighting each other.

    The only correct way to go with this is to either do realism right, or say “we are doing what we want in a ww1 shooter” and actually do what they want. Not try to throw realism around. BTW giving everyone machine guns to run around with is not very realistic. Go die in a fire Dice you fucktards. You have zero idea what the hell you are doing. This is why I stay away from these retarded fps games now. You faggots are too concerned with PC and making retarded choices that you end up making shit games.

  • “…they are not mentally or cognitively equipped for combat in the past, present, or future.”

    I am not sure what the Kurdish word for “nonsense” is, but that is nonsense. There are many roles that the majority of women are not physically suited for, but the issue is muscle, not their mental or cognitive natures. The YPJ did just fine in Kobani and continue to do so in Northern Syria/Rojava.

  • WW1 = no female combatants in any regular armies. End of story.

  • That comment is a thread winner 😀

  • RandomDev

    Propaganda doesn’t prove jack shit, the US Army did research into the subject and found women make inferior combatants.

  • jlenoconel

    Can SJWs please stop getting butthurt about stuff like this please? The main demographic of people who buy this game will be men, and most women who also buy it probably won’t give two sh!ts what gender they play as.

    Also wanted to add one more thing, and this is not to say that Dice SHOULDN’T have put women in this game. But they devs probably felt like it was a gamble and chose not to. Feminism in games is a gamble and SJWs constantly trying to force it in the industry isn’t working. A lot of male gamers probably aren’t going to want to run around a multiplayer game like this with a bunch of female soldiers running around. Sounds sexist, I’m sure, but its the reality of the industry and folks are just gonna have to get over it.

  • The fact in the real world, right now in northern Syria, the army who has consistently performed best against the Islamic State nutjobs uses women proves nothing? Your faith in US Army studies is touching. Now I agree that under most circumstances male soldiers are preferable infantry but that is because of muscle. So please link to your source suggesting the problem is mental.

  • RandomDev

    The fact all male squads do better is a fact you want to deny. Just like with shield maidens they are using women cause they have little choice. Women make shit combatants and are not used when there are plenty of men to send to the meat grinder.

  • Scootinfroodie

    That’s a nice strawman. I never said it was an authentic experience, merely that the most glaring inaccuracies shown thus far still maintain the central themes of the conflict. I dont know about this specific product, but if you look back at the wave of WW2 titles, most of the dev teams went well out of their way to try to give an accurate feeling regarding those conflicts. The locations, equipment etc were recreated about as well as people were capable of at the time. They werent sims though so I guess it’s disrespectful and they should have had more women.

    Also communication and medical roles are now transferrable to frontline infantry roles? That’s some nice revisionism. How about there’s a chapter where they make Serbia’s future sunny and bright, and where they rewrite the Ottoman Empire to not be genocidal while they’re at it?

    Additionally how many people do you think will actually use the feature? Remember that it takes time and effort (and thus, by extension, cold hard cash) to implement a separate set of models and animations. There are always animation and clipping bugs, and at least a few rendering issues on pretty much any new models you put in a game. What’s their ROI on that?

    You really seem more interested in whitewashing history to fit a particular ideology than anything else. That is, at the end of the day, what I find to be the most disrespectful stance to take. Women were not drafted. They did not have to fight infection and fear in the trenches. They were not forced to be mowed down by machinegun fire in droves or utterly destroyed by artillery fire with no real opportunity to defend themselves. It is entirely false to imply that the situation was otherwise and that a statistically significant portion of the western front was female fighters

  • I am not denying all male squads are preferable, what I disagree with is your contention that is due to mental rather than physical factors. Also Kurdish success indicates female soldiers are viable even if not optimal.

  • RandomDev

    The female brain is not as good at spacial reasoning and are not as good a shot as males. The kurdish female fighters are more propaganda than reality, the media loves to present images of women doing things they aren’t really built for.

  • I know rather a lot of excellent female shots, indeed I live with one. But believe what you want.

  • RandomDev

    Men consistently score better on marksmen tests, reality is not a pleasant as you want it to be, women are not very capable as combatants nor should they be in combat.

  • Yeah I do not actually think you are reading, or at least understanding what I am writing so, yeah whatever, believe what you like.

  • RandomDev

    I did read what you wrote and you are falling for propaganda, women make shit combatants and in all honesty belong in the home where they can’t fuck things up.

  • Eradicate the left

    They should have put women in the game, but only to explain the white feather movement, and how rabid feminazi wench scum were forcing working class voteless men into the trenches, whilst working to prevent male sufferage.