Moving on from the era of zombie games into the age of Battle Royale games, Techland has decided to leap on the opportunity to combine the two with their upcoming standalone multiplayer expansion Dying Light: Bad Blood. Dying Light first released January of 2015 and while drawing close to its three year anniversary, new content is still being introduced with the most recent being the Content Drop #1 back in October.

Players will be able to return to Harran and face not only zombies but other players in the Bad Blood expansion. In this game mode you and five other players will get placed into Harran with the simple goal of collecting a variety of samples from the infected that roam the streets and roofs. You’ll need to make sure that you have enough samples by the end of the night so that you can buy your way into a seat on the chopper to evac. As all six players do better, more seats will become available on the helicopter, but each seat is paid for individually. This tension will unite you with players, just as easily as it will give you cause to turn on one another. Unlike other Battle Royale titles, there will be no in-built team system, and while you can be the last man standing, there’s also a way for everyone to make it out alive. Of course, if you’re the only one left, there’s a much better chance of raking in the rewards.

While Dying Light: Bad Blood will be officially releasing in Q1 2018, later on this month Techland will be holding a closed beta on Steam. Those eager to check out the experience can head to the game’s website and sign up for the Global Playtest simply by signing in with your Techland account and filling out a brief survey. They will be rolling out the playtest in waves, giving more and more players access throughout the week but do want to reiterate that they “do not guarantee that everyone who registers will get a key.”

What do you think of this new multiplayer expansion? Do you think you’re more likely to make friends or enemies in Dying Light: Bad Blood? Are you wanting to get involved in the Playtest?

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