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Bandai Namco have announced and dropped a teaser for their upcoming realistic motorcycle racing game, Ride. Developed by Italian studio Milestone S.r.L., Ride is set for release in Spring of 2015.

Featuring over 100 fully customizable motorcycles from multiple manufacturers and multiple unique race modes including online play for up to 16 riders in a single race. Ride gives players the chance to race at their favourite real world tracks and customize their rider with multiple rider models, liveries and race suits.

Ride is a realistic motorcycle racing game built for the motorcycle enthusiast, and will release in spring 2015 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.


Sam Reimer

Born with a controller in his hands, Sam was dropped into a world of video games. At a young age he had found the ability to adapt to almost any game and to be somewhat decent at it. Sam enjoys long walks along the Los Santos beach and the occasional assassination.

  • Invin

    I wish the trailer had some gameplay, but this is quite interesting. I rode motorcycles for several years and played a lot of Moto GP and Riding Spirits on Xbox and PS2 respectively. If they could actually pull off a Gran Turismo of motorcycling that’d be very appealing to me. I never felt like other riding games got it quite right.

  • Mr. LHD6

    I am pretty sure Polyphony Digital made a motorcycle game. It was a game called Tourist Trophy. It doesn’t get any more Gran Turismo than the people that make Gran Turismo.


    One flaw I’ve noticed with gaming is that first person views with motorcycles never have it right, they always tilt the view as if it’s a camera mounted on the bike, whereas when actually riding, your head compensates to always be more level with the road.

    So the view should lower as the bike tilts, but the view itself should remain horizontal or relatively horizontal compared to the actual bike.

    Maybe there’s a game that does this, but I know from Moto GP to Project Gotham to even GTA-style games, they’ve always had this same flaw.