William Worrall

Staff Writer

I'm Will and I'm a UK-based writer who went to film school before realizing writing was more fun than film-making. I've written for a number of gaming sites over the past few years of my writing career, including Cliqist, Gaming Respawn, and TechRaptor. I also produce videos for my own channel (Mupple) as well as Cliqists popular YouTube channel. I've covered industry events such as EGX and am hoping to break into narrative game writing in the future.

night call review header

Night Call Review – Cabbie Simulator 2019

Sometimes, a game can survive solely on its visuals or certain elements of its gameplay. Other times, games with relatively mediocre elements can be saved by the way those elements…

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Making Hardware Revisions To Nintendo Switch

A few days ago Nintendo announced the release of the new model Nintendo Switch Lite which reduced the console’s size, increased battery life and knocked around $100 dollars off of…

Retroarch - Logo

Retroarch Is Bringing High Quality Emulation To Steam This Month

Famous open-source software Retroarch will be making its way to Steam for the first time later this month. Retroarch is a freely available piece of software that can emulate a great number…

Lord Of The Rings - Title

Leyou Reveal Partner On New F2P Lord Of The Rings MMO Is Amazon Games

Last year the owners of Leyou, Athalon Games, announced they would be working on a brand new MMO based on J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings, along with a…

Earth Defence Force 5 - Battle

Earth Defense Force 5 Hitting Steam This Week

Giant bug hunting simulator, Earth Defense Force 5, will be making its way to PC via Steam later on this week. The 5th entry in the Earth Defense Force series, the game…

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite Revealed

A brand new console has been added to the Nintendo Switch family, the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Lite is the latest addition to Nintendo’s flagship console range, and bring a very…

Dungeoneer's Pack - Full Set

Dungeoneer’s Pack Review

Tabletop Roleplaying is a very involved hobby. You need the rulebooks for the game, you need dice, and you need at least 3 or 4 other people interested in playing…

Pride Run - Boss Battle

Green Man Gaming Announces New Game Pride Run In Time For London Pride Parade

Green Man Gaming has announced a new rhythm game in honor of Pride, and in particular the London Pride Parade. The new title, Pride Run has players in control of…

Freedom Finger - Title

Exclusive: Wide Right Games Announced Closed Alpha For Freedom Finger

Wide Right Games have announced some new details for their bat$#!% crazy space shooter, Freedom Finger, which was prominently featured at this year Kinda Funny Showcase. Freedom Finger is a classic-style sidescrolling…


Developers Petition G2A To Take Down Indie Games As Controversy Erupts… Again

Video game key marketplace G2A have had their dalliances with controversy in the past. From accusations of unscrupulous activity to their old (and now thankfully retired) G2A ‘shield’ program they’re…

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