William Worrall

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I'm Will and I'm a UK-based writer who went to film school before realizing writing was more fun than film-making. I've written for a number of gaming sites over the past few years of my writing career, including Cliqist, Gaming Respawn, and TechRaptor. I also produce videos for my own channel (Mupple) as well as Cliqists popular YouTube channel. I've covered industry events such as EGX and am hoping to break into narrative game writing in the future.

Amnesia: Collection Amnesia Collection - Key Art

Amnesia: Collection on Nintendo Switch is So Good, It’s Scary

Horror can be a difficult thing to get right. Fear is incredibly subjective, which is why so many games go the easy route of startling instead of scaring. The Amnesia…

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Micro-Transactions

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Loot Box System Discovered in Beta

The brand new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta has gone live and many players have spent a fair amount of time putting the game through its paces. Unfortunately, it seems like…

telling lies review header

Telling Lies Review – Clunky Yet Intriguing

New releases are constantly pushing the line between video games and movies. If it isn’t David Cage stretching the boundaries of what counts as a game, the indie scene squeezes…

decay of logos review header

Decay of Logos Review – Broken Souls

Sometimes, it can be fun to review a bad game. When a game is good, you need to really throw yourself into deep analysis. When a game is bad, you…

blair witch review

Blair Witch Review – Spooky & Scary, Sans Startles

Good horror is hard to find these days. Partially, that is because horror is very subjective. What I find terrifying is probably very different from what you might find terrifying.…

Naruto Boruto Card Game

New Sets And Tournament Kit For Naruto Boruto Card Game

Bandai has announced  2 brand-new sets for the Naruto Boruto Card Game to be released this coming November. Set 3 will focus on the history of the Hokage, the leaders of…

coverage club clam man rwby crystal match

Coverage Club : Steamed Clams, Man

Clam Man Is The Funniest Adventure Game In Ages Covered by William Worrall It’s not often that a comedy game actually manages to stand up to criticism. After all, humor…

disney classic games - Aladdin Screens

Disney Classic Games Bringing 16-Bit Aladdin and Lion King Back Better Then Ever

Any fans of retro gaming might be in for a treat, as it has been officially announced that both the Aladdin and The Lion Kind 16-bit games will be re-released in Fall of…

The Forbidden Arts - Key Art

The Forbidden Arts Is Unpolished, Unrefined, and (Almost) Unplayable

Indie platformers have been a bit played out over the years. Since the indie bubble started expanding in the mid-2000s, thousands of 2D platformers have seen release. In addition, the…

ReadySet Heroes

Sony’s ReadySet Heroes Coming To The Epic Store

One of the biggest video game companies in the world, Sony Entertainment, have made a landmark decision for the company and will be releasing the console exclusive title ReadySet Heroes on PC…

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