Taylor Lyles

Former Staff

Taylor is a former Staff Writer at TechRaptor. She specializes in gaming hardware, virtual reality, recent releases and upcoming titles. Born and raised in Maryland, Taylor is an alumnus of Stevenson University where she received her degree in Legal Studies. In her free time, she enjoys playing lacrosse, going fishing, studying Fallout lore, and spending way too much time at Micro Center.

new gundam breaker review header

New Gundam Breaker Review – Gunpla Galore

Since 2013, Gundam Breaker has offered a breath of fresh air for the popular mech franchise. Unlike other Gundam games, Breaker focuses entirely on Gunpla (plastic Gundam models). Although it took a while…

fallout76 powerarmor art

Support Charity by Purchasing Fallout 76’s ‘Country Roads’ Cover

Remember when Bethesda officially unveiled Fallout 76 for the first time? Do you recall the song from the trailer that was playing during the reveal? Have you been dying to add that…