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Steven Ramos

Staff Writer

A fanatic of all things human, Steven spends an alarming amount of time researching untrue facts. Did you know that the Trojan horse was nicknamed “Tro-jo”? Just like you, he loves video games, movies, “the telly”, and all sorts of wacky thingamajigs. Ask him a question about anything and he’s sure to start a conversation somehow! Also he lives in that Texas part of America! Though writing about games is his current side hustle, Steven hopes to create an impactful journalism career by turning his thoughts into words, sounds, and images.

Urban Pirate Main

Urban Pirate Review – Crime Simulation

BD Games’s Urban Pirate is a retro game with an impressive sense of style. Urban Pirate challenges players to personalize their experiences. Though it is primarily a game of strategy,…

replica main

Replica Review – To Catch a Terrorist

Replica plays upon the invasiveness that few in the cyber age are unfamiliar with: looking through someone else’s cellphone. It’s difficult not to appreciate the realistic details and hard-hitting themes that…

One Piece Burning Blood Logo

One Piece: Burning Blood Review – Blood Runs Thin

The greatest things to be said about One Piece: Burning Blood are about its faithfulness to the series on which it’s based. Characters and settings feel almost identical to their anime…

Spellcaster main

Spellcaster Preview – No Magic, No Problem

With titles such as Super Meat Boy, Undertale, and Broforce becoming instant hits, the creative charm of indie games is hardly disputable. It’s difficult to find innovation across games, as developers…

E3 2016 Sony Preview Image

Sony E3 2016 Conference Recap

The Sony E3 2016 conference began with theatric glory, as a full orchestra introduced the company’s show, leading to a short and tearful statement on Orlando before gaming took center stage.…

For Honor Header

Ubisoft E3 2016 – For Honor Demo and Alpha Access

Ubisoft’s demo of For Honor in 2015 showed off the game’s thrilling multiplayer experience. This hack and slash adventure puts players in the battlefield as a member of one of…

We happy few e1465847357415

[Update] Microsoft E3 2016 – We Happy Few

We Happy Few, Compulsion Games’s first-person psychological thriller, will be joining the Xbox Game Preview program and Steam Early Access on July 26th. After revealing We Happy Few on February 26th, 2015, Compulsion Games initiated…

Forza Main

[Update] Microsoft E3 2016 – Forza Horizon 3

Playground Games’s Forza series will have a new release in the form of Forza Horizon 3. The racing game, which received a world gameplay premiere during Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference,…

Prey Header

Bethesda E3 2016 – Prey

In 2006, Human Head Studios’s Prey rocked the first person shooter genre with its impressive graphics and gameplay. It seems that fans will finally be able to return to the…

Star Wars Visceral

[Update] EA E3 2016 – Star Wars

It’s a hopeful time for Star Wars! EA’s current list of primary Star Wars properties, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Star Wars: Battlefront, will continue to expand within the next…