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Valkyria Chronicles PC Release Date Announced

The former PS3 exclusive is set to launch with a $20 price tag, along with all of the previously released DLC.

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Destiny’s First Expansion Has a Release Date

The first expansion in Bungie’s space epic has been announced to be releasing by the end of the year, along with a price tag for $20.

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Winter is Still Coming, Telltale Games Warns

The days grow shorter, the nights last longer, and the cold beckons. Winter is coming, along with Telltale’s Game of Thrones game that is still due out this year.


Rocket League Release Date Announced

The sequel to the cult hit Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars (whew) is getting a sequel, with both a name that doesn’t stretch to infinity and a promise for continuity.

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iPhone and Android Hearthstone Delayed Until 2015

For those of you (myself included) that have been patiently waiting for some iPhone and Android Hearthstone goodness, there is some bad news. It won’t come out until Spring 2015.


PlayStation Now: These Prices are Ridiculous, and They Need to Change.

As the official launch of PlayStation Now draws closer, one thing has remained exactly the same: the prices are still ludicrously high. This is not OK.

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New Mount & Blade: Warband Expansion Announced

After over two years, the latest installment in the widely acclaimed indie franchise Mount & Blade has been announced, and this time you can play as a Viking.

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The Evil Within Developers Release ‘Unsupported’ Framerate Fix

The Evil Within was recently released on Steam, and already Bethesda has a ‘fix’ for those who want a higher framerate.

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New WoW Patch to be Released Next Tuesday

The world’s biggest MMO will have its first content patch release in over a year this coming Tuesday, and with it comes some exciting new features.

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The Next Steam Sale is Coming Very Soon…

New Steam sale. If there ever has been a series of words that instantly provoke a mixture of awe and dread amongst PC gamers, it is definitely Steam’s seasonal sales.