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Patrick Perrault

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Writer for TechRaptor, who hopes to gain valuable experience in a constantly changing industry.

Battle for Azeroth Header 100x100

BlizzCon 2017: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Announced

Today at BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment announced the seventh expansion for their MMO: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. “Conflict is at the heart of the Warcraft saga, and in Battle for…

World of Warcraft Classic Servers 100x100

BlizzCon 2017: WoW Classic Servers Announced

Today, Blizzard Entertainment announced that World of Warcraft Classic servers would be arriving for their MMORPG title, World of Warcraft. This comes in the wake of Nostalrius, an extremely popular…

Pillars of Eternity RPG Wallpaper 100x100

Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition Announced

Today, Paradox Interactive announced that Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity would receive a relaunch in the form of Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition, which includes the base game, both White March expansions, and an all-new…

Total War 15 Years Header 100x100

An Older Total War Game Is Going To Receive A New Campaign

Today, Creative Assembly has released an interview, which essentially unofficially/officially announced a new campaign expansion for “one of their older games”. The expansion for the older Total War title is said to…

Dead Rising 4 Logo Header 100x100

Dead Rising 4 to be Updated in December

Recently, Capcom announced that a myriad of improvements are coming to Dead Rising 4. Players can look forward to Human Enemy Improvements, Distress Calls, and other improvements such as a new…

Lords of Waterdeep Review 100x100

D&D Lords of Waterdeep Review – Casting Dice And Breaking Bones

D&D Lords of Waterdeep released on Steam with essentially no warning or announcement. This is usually an indicator of a disastrous release, but I found a deep and enticing board…

Raptr Header 100x100

Raptr is Shutting Down This Month

Game optimization and achievement service Raptr has had its CEO Dennis Fong announce that Raptr will be shutting down September 30, 2017. “We are sad to announce that we will be…

Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Mirage: Arcane Warfare Free Permanently If You Grab it Today

Like Sniper Elite II and a few others, Mirage: Arcane Warfare is about to become free for a single day where those who grab it will own it permanently. Starting at…

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds 100x100


Today, Bluehole Inc., has announced that their title PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) has hit the ten million unit sold mark as of September 1st since their Steam Early Access launch on March 23,…

Star Wars Empire at War Header 100x100

Workshop and Multiplayer Support Added to Star Wars: Empire At War

Yesterday, Disney, the owner Petroglyph Games, who were the developers behind Star Wars: Empire at War, announced that multiplayer support has been re-enabled, with Steamworks Mod Support also being added. Disney…

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