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warhammer 40000 inquisitor martyr review header

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Review – Saving the Imperium

The awkwardly titled Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is a juxtaposition of the old and new. NeocoreGames tries to do everything on a limited budget, and it shows. For everything…


PUBG’s Miramar Map Is Now Available For Testing On Xbox

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One has had a tumultuous history so far, despite being picked up by millions of players. However, the title slowly seems to be turning itself…

spellforce 3 review header

Spellforce 3 Review – Back to the Past

Going into this title, I had multiple warning flags. For one, Spellforce 3 is the third title in a series that has been on ice for quite some time, and it…

fable header

Rumor: Fable to Return, Says Eurogamer

As reported by Eurogamer, a big-budget Fable title is in the works. Microsoft has tasked UK Developer Playground, makers of the Forza Horizon series with the creation of a new… lphypsuxnks

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Announced And Windows Edition Release Date Revealed

Update: Looks like the $19.99 price point for the Royal Edition upgrade was a mistake. The final price point is undetermined. Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition has been announced for Xbox…

Fortnite Battle Royale Key Art

Epic Games Sues Cheater For Creating Premium Currency in Fortnite BR

Recently, Epic Games has sued Yash Gosai, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, for creating V-bucks for their popular title Fortnite: Battle Royale. While this is the first gamer to…


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Passes 3 Million Players on Xbox One

Recently, Aaron Greenberg, Head of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, has released news that the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now has over 3 million players. This is quite…

Nintendo Switch Box Angle

Nintendo Announces Nindies New Year Sale

Recently, Nintendo announced that nine indie games are now on sale through January 15th, which are all described below. There is also a giveaway of the nine indie games that…

battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 Releases on Early Access February 1st

Today, Bulkhead Interactive, the developers of The Turning Test, has announced that Battalion 1944 will be available on Steam’s Early Access February 1. Battalion 1944 is a game that was built to emulate…

omensight logobackground

Omensight Aims To Rewrite History Later This Year

Today, Stories: The Path of Destinies developer Spearhead Games announced Omensight. Founded by veterans who worked on Assassin’s Creed II, Dead Space 3, and the Army of TWO franchise, this studio will be bringing…

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