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Nicole Seraphita

Staff Writer

I've been gaming since the days of the NES and spend most of my time with the hobby playing RPGs and fighting games. Besides gaming, I also enjoy table top gaming, cosplay, writing and walking outside when its nice..

Touhou Double Focus Review Header

Touhou Double Focus Review- Smile!

A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of review. Double Focus is a short game included with the special edition release of Touhou: Genso Wanderer that…

Touhou Genso Wanderer Header

Touhou: Genso Wanderer Review- Dungeon Diving in Dim Dreams

Touhou is best known as a wickedly hard bullet hell series, but beyond this canon material lies a world of fangames that take the series setting of Gensokyo to every…


Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star Review: Fated for Greatness

Fate/Stay Night is a series that has been popular across the globe for over a decade. Up until now, the English-speaking side of the fandom has had to rely on…

blazblue central fiction

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Review – Burning Blue Soul

Since its inception in 2009, BlazBlue has carried the torch of anime-based fighting games in both the East and the West. Now after six years, three sequels, and two extended…

Trillion SS 1 2 1

Trillion God of Destruction PC Port Impressions

Compile Hearts is best known for their work with Idea Factory on titles such as the Neptunia franchise and Fairy Fencer F.  Here they attempt to conjure an entirely new…


Harmonia Review – A Few Notes Short

Key is known for making visual novels that make people cry, such as Kanon, Clannad, and Air. These games tend to be filled with doe-eyed anime girls with tragic pasts that…

touhou scarlet curiosity

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity Review – Paint it Red

Last time we visited the country of Gensokyo, we looked at a fun-ish VS shooter that, while fun, becomes less so without friends and/or a thriving online community. This time,…

touhou genso rondo bullet ballet 481559.1

Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet Review – Dodging Bullets Like Rain

Things are looking up for the Touhou franchise this year with the release of not one but three different Touhou fan games for the PS4 and Vita via Sony’s Play Doujin!…

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Umineko: When the Seagulls Cry Review – A Review in Red

While author Ryukishi07 is best known in the West for his gory murder/mystery visual novel Higurashi, many of his other works have been relegated to Japan for years, available only…


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Launches October 25th

Dragon Ball Z fans will have alot to be excited about this fall as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the sequel to last year’s hit Dragon Ball Xenoverse will hit the…