Nick Maillet

Video Lead

I used to be that band guy with super cool hair who lived and breathed breakdowns, now I work on TV shows as an colorist/editor. You can find me on twitter talking about my ever expanding collection of NES games and my love hate relationship with Tinder.

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You Will Finally Be Able To Change Your PSN ID…Sorta

If you asked any dedicated PlayStation fan what feature they wanted most from Sony, chances are it would be the ability to change their PSN ID.  While Smok3Killaz42069 was totally…


Tournament Golf, Solomon’s Key, and Super Dodge Ball Coming To The Switch On 10/10

Love it or not the Nintendo Switch Online service is here to stay.  Like its rival console counterparts, Nintendo is offering a few select “free” titles each month with a…

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Destiny 2, God Of War 3 Remastered Are September’s Playstation Plus Games

Pumpkin spice season is nearly upon us. The leaves are changing, California is still on fire, and PlayStation is offering another round of games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Just in…

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Little Dragons Cafe

Little Dragons Cafe is the newest game from Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada.  In Little Dragons Cafe you will assume the role of either a boy or a girl who are tasked with…

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Little Dragons Café Is Cooked To Perfection

The last sim game I played by Little Dragons Café designer Yasuhiro Wada was Harvest Moon on the original Game Boy.  While I can appreciate the wackiness of Deadly Premonition and style…

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I Went To The Arena Of Valor World Cup And Left With A New Respect For Esports

Competitive gaming has come a long way in the past few years.  With the monumental success of Blizzards Overwatch League, to the seemingly unstoppable popularity of Fortnite and League of…


Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a fast-paced mobile MOBA from developer Tencent.  It is based on the hugely popular mobile MOBA Honor of Kings but with an emphasis on more intuitive combat,…

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NASCAR HEAT 3 Takes Fans From Dirt To Datyona This September

Announced at this past weekend’s Coke Zero Sugar 400 race, developer 704Games unveiled the follow up to last years excellent NASCAR title, NASCAR HEAT 3. Fans of all things NASCAR…

descent 2018

Descent Is Back And Better Than Ever

Going into the demo for Descent, I was a bit skeptical.  One of my most distinct gaming memories involved the original Descent on the PC.  Back in the ’90s before everyone had computers…

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Everything I Wanted And More

When I saw the reveal for the much anticipated Resident Evil 2 Remake at this year’s Sony E3 press conference, I almost fell out of my seat.  As a ’90s kid…

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