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Matthew Campanella

A firm believer that technology is making the world a better place who hopes to share the revelation with other. Professional tramp, amateur writer. Huge nerd, occasional gamer.


On Copyright and the Theft of Views

Around 2012 the Internet went ablaze when Congressman Lamar Smith, who represents the 21st district of the state of Texas, was caught red handed using a photograph from photographer Don J…


Lizard Squad Wars on Daybreak Games

The feud between Lizard Squad and president of Daybreak Games John Smedley has turned into a full on war. Lizard Squad appears to have doxxed a Senior Engineer with Daybreak…


Lizard Squad Brought Down Daybreak Games

The hacking group Lizard Squad brought down Daybreak Games last night. The attack is in retaliation for some comments Daybreak Games president John Smedley made on Twitter in reaction to…


Convicted Lizard Squad Hacker gets Suspended Sentence

In Finland, a member of the hacker collective Lizard Squad named Julius Kivimäki has been convicted of a massive 50,700 crimes, which range from phishing, doxxing, swatting, DDoSing, as well…


Hacking Team Exposed By Hack

Yesterday the internet went ablaze with news that a controversial security firm known Hacking Team has been hacked. Hacking Team, who were for the most part unheard of a week…


Greece blocked from online transactions

Citizens of Greece are unable to purchase anything from iTunes and the App Store, or make transactions via Paypal. This has come after the Greek government has imposed capital controls,…


SpaceX plans to provide worldwide internet

Elon Musk, co-founder of companies such as Paypal and current CEO of SpaceX, has asked the United States Federal Communication Commission for permission to begin testing a project that would…


Leading cyber security firm hacked

Kaspersky Lab, perhaps one of the most well-known cyber security research firms, admitted that their own network was hacked. Though none of their products (or their products source code), their…


Warner Brothers charging pirates $20 per episodes of Friends

American entertainment company Warner Brothers is charging online pirates $20 per episodes for illegal downloads of the 90s sitcom Friends.  TorrentFreak posted an email sent by Warner Brothers to one such…

Flag of China

China suspected of hacking US government.

China is suspected of being responsible for the hacking of the data of millions of US government employees.  The United States Office of Personnel Management and the Department of the…

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