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Lucy Walcott

Lucy Walcott is a writer who loves to talk about political issues and other things. She has been an avid gamer since she was little, focusing almost exclusively on RPG and hack and slash games. Some of her favorites includes The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Ys, and Breath of Fire. Her favorite systems includes PlayStation, Nintendo, and Steam.


Patreon And Subbable Are Now Becoming One

Subbable and Patreon are almost practically the same site. In fact, they were developed by two different people who knew and respected each other, and both launched just months apart…


Google Apps Defect Leaks Personal Information Of 280K People

“We are writing to notify you of a software defect in Google Apps’ domain registration system that affected your account. We are sorry that this defect occurred. We want to…


Facebook Facing Class-Action Lawsuit Over Purchases By Kids

Facebook is not the first, and probably won’t be the last, to get into legal trouble due to its “all sales final” return policy when it comes to kids purchasing…

paula deen

Paula Deen Came Out With A Video Game

Now I know this isn’t BREAKING NEWS, as many stars nowadays are coming out with video games, including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, so it really should not be of…


Is Google Switching To A Fact-Based Algorithm?

The media is abuzz with information about Google’s new Fact-based algorithm, said to be harmful to sites like Gawker and Fox. Many journalism sites from Gizmodo to The Daily Caller…

tor 660

Twitter Now Forces Tor Users To Sign Up Using Phone Number

Twitter is starting to buckle down against online harassment by forcing people signing up for a new Twitter username using the Anonymous web browser TOR to give their phone number so…

660 dragon

Dragon Quest Heroes Coming to PS4 Later in 2015

Dragon Quest lovers rejoice, because as of February 25th, 2015, Playstation Blog has officially made the announcement that they are going to release the newly released (in Japan) title Dragon…


Heavenstrike Rivals Available Free To Play for Android and iOS

Since February 25th, 2015, Square Enix, the company behind famous series such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, have come out with a new game called Heavenstrike Rivals, which was…


Google Play Update Allows You To Upload Up To 50,000 Songs

In a big leap from the previous limit, Google Play will allow you to upload 50,000 songs to their cloud service for streaming or downloading on your phone. tablet, or…

660 sex

Google’s Blogger Service To Ban Nudity and Sex

Google’s Blogger blogging service previously allowed X-rated content on their sites so long as they were marked appropriately. But starting on March 23rd. 2015, Blogger will forcefully privatize all blogs with…

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