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Luigi Savinelli

Staff Writer

Gamer since I can remember and now writer for your enjoyment. Can't say more. Those games will not play themselves

Battlerite Review

Battlerite Review – The Thick of the Battle

About a year ago, we gave our initial impressions of Battlerite, the spiritual successor of Bloodline Champions from Stunlock Studios. While being rough around the edges, the game showed potential thanks…

Hand of Fate 2 - Campfire

Hand of Fate 2

Hand of Fate 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed roguelite/boardgame hybrid from Defiant Entertainment. In this game, the player will find itself facing again the dealer of the game…

Hand of Fate 2 Review

Hand of Fate 2 Review – Play The Game

Making a good sequel to a great game is no easy task. You want to recreate the formula that allowed the first game to succeed but you have to innovate…

Divinity Original Sin 2 header

Beginner’s Guide to Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin 2 established itself as one of the finest examples of CRPGs in recent years. Its amazing voice acting, fantastic gameplay, and engaging story really overjoyed the fans…

satoru iwata golf nintendo header

Nintendo Switch Units Hide Tribute to Satoru Iwata

This weekend many outlets reported on a rather unusual find that was the talk of the day in many console hacking forums. Apparently, a working copy of Golf for the…

Fight of the Gods MCMC Notice UPSCALED

[Updated]Steam Blocked in Malaysia due to Fight of the Gods

Update: Valve has gotten back to us on the situation with Fight of the Gods and their Doug Lombardi has said the following: “Right now players in Malaysia can access the…

Faeria Review – To the Oversky and Beyond

Nowadays, digital CCGs are everywhere. The enormous success of Hearthstone opened the gates to countless card games to flood the market. In such a crowded genre, games that go the…

Hand of the Gods console

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics On its Way to Consoles

Hi-Rez Studios, developers of SMITE, announced that their turn based collectible card game, Hand of the Gods, is on its way to the current gen consoles. Starting today, people interested…

Faeria Oversky Coop

Adventure Pouch: Oversky, Faeria’s first expansion, releases today

Among the countless digital card games around, Faeria is among the ones that manage to distinguish itself, creating its own identity. It’s been 5 months since the official release of…

Sundered Header

Sundered Review – Resist or Embrace

While playing Jotun, one thought that crosses the mind is “Man, these guys really have this aesthetic thing figured out”.  After finishing that game, it was clear that the developers…

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