Himpe Kenny

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Writer in Mind, Gamer at Heart, I finish as many games as I can to give my impression in a useful way. A heart for moddable games and addicting mechanics so you'll spot me playing those a lot.

dead cells review header

Dead Cells Review – When Perfect Wasn’t Good Enough

A clump of undetermined green mass drops from the ceiling. It merges with a headless body lying on the ground, after which a lady in armor tells you that you…

nexus mods header

Nexus Mods Tries To Solve Paid Mods; Creates 100k Pool to Pay Modders

Today a new reward system was announced by Dark0ne, Nexus Mods site owner, where mod creators can earn money or rewards for their efforts. The system uses Donation Points as…

new warframe gamemode and character coming this week featured image

New Warframe Gamemode and Character Coming This Week

Warframe fans and lovers rejoice because more content is coming your way! Khora, the new Warframe, is finally arriving this week, bringing along a new mode called Sanctuary Onslaught and…

Dead Cells Preview Header 1

Dead Cells Preview – When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough

Depending on how lenient you are with its definition, permadeath could be a mechanic that dates all the way back to some of the earliest video games. Especially when you…

Divinity Original Sin II Review Header

Divinity: Original Sin II Review – As cRPG As You Can Get

Have you ever played a Tabletop game with other people? Say, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a particularly skilled Dungeon Master? A DM so dedicated to the craft that…

Mods wed like to see ported to Skyrim Special Edition Featured Image

Creation Club For Skyrim Special Edition Now Live

Bethesda’s take on microtransactions continues with the arrival of the Creation Club for Skyrim Special Edition. In August the Creation Club had already arrived for Fallout 4, following some controversy,…

Skyrims Creation Club Launches in Beta With Survival Mode feautured image

Skyrim’s Creation Club Launches in Beta With Survival Mode

The 1.5 update for Skyrim Special Edition has been released for the Steam Beta, bringing forth several new features. Ranging from minor features such as a MotD (Message of the…

fallout 4 creation club beta announcement content listing

Creation Club Mandatory Downloads May Not Be Fully Fixable

In a recent addition to the Creation Club FAQ by Cartogriffi, Bethesda has responded to some of the issues the community has had in regards to the Creation Club itself,…

Doom Imp

Doom on Switch Lacks SnapMap; Multiplayer Separate Download

The excitement was palpable when Doom was announced to come to the Nintendo Switch at last night’s Nintendo Direct. Being the first port of a current-gen AAA title, Doom will…

Free Alternatives to Bethesdas Fallout 4 Creation Club Featured Image

Free Alternatives to Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Creation Club

Bethesda seems to be headed straight for another fiasco with their Creation Club, quite similar to how the Paid Mods Workshop went years ago. It didn’t help that a lot…

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